Wednesday 16 September 2009

I'm so obsessive.

Right now, I am mostly obsessed with:Red Shoes

(Surely four pairs is more than anyone really needs? What's that? Yeah, you're right, it totally isn't.)
Zooey Deschanel's Hair

(I can't justify another haircut for a good couple of weeks, but when that swings around, I am totally taking in the above photo.)
Vera Wang's Princess

(Oh my god, it smells like luxurious, delicious talculm powder.)
Florence & the Machine

(She draws on her face! Her hair is incredible! Her album is amazing! She did a song about punching people! I LOVE HER.)
Fake eyelashes

(How did I get to my mid-to-late twenties without ever wearing them? They're so awesome! I'm loving Kimberley's the most for awesome naturalness, although Nicola's are hilariously overdramatic. I haven't had the guts yet... and I haven't bought the rest of the set, as those two are my favourite Girls Alouds.)
Yellow Cars

(Because YELLOW CAR BANG is the best car game ever. See a car, you shout 'Yellow car bang!' Shout it first, you get a point. Shout it at a lime green or gold car, or a minivan or a lorry, you lose a point. When you have spent about 20 hours in the car over the last two weeks with colleagues, it's the little things that amuse you.)
True Blood.

(Who knew sexy, sexy vampires could be so addictive? Well, Joss Whedon. But Alan Ball does it really well too! I love the opening credits the mostest.)

What's consuming you with obsession at the moment?


  1. Are those your red shoes? pretty! I love my (one) pair of red shoes.

    I love Zooey Deschanel's everything.

    I need to purchase Florence & the Machine's full album. I have some songs from her E.P. that I really like.

    True Blood is so good! Definitely my current obsession.

  2. They are! That's my garden. I should do a post about my garden at some point while the weather is still occasionally sunny, as it's super pretty.

    I love Florence's album so much. Dog Days and Kiss With A Fist are my favourites.

    And True Blood is amazing! I'm up to ep 9 of s2 and it's sooo good!

  3. I love Vera Wang 'Princess' too... not a fan of 'Rock Princess' though, I was disappointed with that :(

    Those red shoes are really pretty too... have you seen the new ones on the Topshop website? Think they were only added today. They have little bows on them - sooo cute!!

  4. I love red shoes! Makes me feel all Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. But I only have one pair, so I'm totally jealous of you right now.

  5. I'm coveting another pair from New Look at the moment... little red satin peep toes. A friend of mine has some and was wearing them at a wedding recently... I was sooo jealous. But five pairs might just be overkill.... hmmm.

    It's totally the Dorothy thing! Also, the red t-bars there (only Primark, and recent, too!) make me feel like I'm six years old and have new party shoes. When I wear them to work I positively skip about the office.

    Tor, I know, Rock Princess is horrible! I love Princess so much. And those shoes sound adorable... but I promised I wouldn't go crazy with shopping this month. I'd better not look!

  6. I think ep. 9 is the best episode of season 2! I really loved it.



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