Tuesday 29 November 2011

You'll still end up on a revolving dance floor in the middle of the river.

I was so excited when the nice people at Voucher Codes got in touch, asking me if I was willing to test drive these absolutely stunning shoes from Schuh, and I course said yes. I mean, just look at them. They are GLORIOUS. Super high, covered in sparkles... Oh, I just want to wear them to SO many parties, dance all night whilst getting steadily drunker on free wine and then stagger home barefoot, eyemakeup smeared all over my face, holding a glittery shoe in each hand.

The reality, though, will see me with a different pair of shoes in each hand because these shoes DO NOT FIT. I have pretty wide feet - okay, very wide, I actually wear a size 6 when I'm more like a size 5 - and these shoes are not made for girls with wide feet. There isn't a lot of give in them, and as such they pinch a lot. Wearing them out for the night is, sadly, unthinkable. I hope you know I mean this with the utmost sincerity when I say that I AM DEVASTATED.

But my loss is your incredible gain, if you have narrow size 6 feet. I am giving these beauties away! All you have to do to enter is...

- leave a comment on this post with your email address (written 'at dot com' style is fine) 
- follow this blog via GFC
- to get an extra entry, 'Like' my Facebook page and/or tweet this: I've just entered @essbeevee's giveaway to win some sparkly Schuh heels at http://essbeevee.blogspot.com

Entries will close in 2 weeks on 13 December and I'll announce the winner shortly afterwards!

If you aren't a size 6 or are just not lucky enough to win, you can get your own pair here - and make sure to look at the Voucher Codes website for some great Schuh discounts!



  1. Schuh Discounts? I love you! lol

    I got these bad boys in purple a few months ago, yes they're gorgeous and I love them but they caused the side of my feet to blister and bleed.

    I think Schuh's own brand high heels are the most uncomfortable shoes I own and I own a few! Strangely their beauty always dazzles me into forking my money over anyway.

  2. Hoping this is my lucky day, they're so sparkly and perfect! And extra tall for the shorter among us...

    oxfordcommablog at gmail dot com

  3. Oh god they're amazing I so want them! I follow as Lauren-Ella and my email is lauren_ella@hotmail.co.uk. And I tweeted! :)


  4. They are FABULOUS darling! Such a shame Schuh didn't make them wide enough :( personally I think all shoes should mould themselves to your feet, it would make more sense and save me buying those heel grip things all the time! Might I have the chance to win them? My email is dani.lodhi@hotmail.co.uk! Thank you :D xx

  5. WOW!!!!!! They are amazing and I have narrow feet :)
    gfc - tinker_bell1990
    facebook - charli james
    I have tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/Charli008/status/141580709289672704 and follow :)
    thank youuuu

  6. Oh no that's such a shame they're so pretty! x

  7. Am I allowed to enter even though I'm not a size 6? My sister in law would LOVE these shoes!


  8. These are AMAZING!
    Thank you!

  9. oh my gosh - these are beautiful!! i would love to give them a loving home!

    i follow with gfc and am about to tweet!

    kirstydotburton at hotmail dotcodotuk


  10. I have size 6 narrow feet, I'm in love with sparkly shoes but am painfully skint, I think I'm in love, so generous of you, though I'm sorry they don't fit you!!

    Fingers crossed big time, I already follow and like your FB page :D

    Sarah Barton

    :D xxx

  11. omg ive actually had DREAMS about these shoes. i'd love them! klee dot belle at gmail dot com :) xx

  12. :o I just dribbled a bit. So sorry they don't fit you! But thanks for the opportunity ;)

    margenotbutter @ msn dot com

  13. I LOVE these!!

    charlotte.miller8@btinternet.com on blogger and GFC (Another blush)

    I tweeted (charlilouise) and liked on fb too (charlotte miller).

    Thanks :D xx

  14. oh goodness glitter overdose! i'd like to enter please i'm a size 6 *waves*

    my e-mail is nikki_mad4it@hotmail.com
    and i'll be doing a tweety tweet on www.twitter.com/chefchipmunk

    thanks for not bein scary when i tweeted you moiderin about party dresses!


  15. I can never get court shoes to feet me because I have freaky narrow feet. And I'm having a horrible time of it at the moment, so clearly I should win these. I follow you already, of course!x

  16. Hi Sarah! These happy shoes must have felt sad that they didn't fit you! I think they love to please! They are like candied twinkle stars in the milkyway. Hope you get one that's for you soon!
    I'm following esbeevee via GFC(BethQuahSooJing), Facebook (Beth Quah SooJing) and on twitter(@BethQuahSooJing).
    This is the link for the tweet regarding your giveaway post: https://twitter.com/BethQuahSooJing/status/141640394269138944
    And my email address is elizabethquah at gmail dot com
    Do you dance? I think these are fun to twirl around in:)

  17. :o Those shoes are a blogging magpie's dream!


  18. Aww I'm SOOO sorry these don't fit! They wouldn't fit me either :(

    Mabel Time

  19. Do you know what, I am gutted for you, but as a fellow sparkly shoe magpie I am happy for me. :( Sorry that's awful isn't it.
    Can I please be in with a chance...
    klg_hair@hotmail . co. uk

    Also liked your Facebook page...

  20. Oh my lord. I don't want to win them as I doubt I could cram my size 8 clown feet into them, but they are AMAZING.

  21. AMAZING!
    I love the sparkles on them :-)

  22. I got these in the 7 but I need the 8 instead! I was so upset when they didn't fit!

    Maria xxx

  23. I never say this word (without taking the piss), but these are amazeballs! What a shame they don't fit you. I'm a narrow size 6 so 'enter me'. I follow on GFC and my email is sequinthis@gmail.com xx

  24. I think these will probably fit me, so I'm entering with my fingers crossed, because they are lovely! :)

    Email: cupidsbow at hotmail dot co dot uk

    Janey x

  25. I've tweeted too: @janeylambert (fingers are still firmly crossed)

    Janey x

  26. I have these in purple and they broke in a treat. (I have wide feet). They're def worth the perseverance girls! Don't enter me - my feet are too big and I work at Schuh! x

  27. These are divine, in fact I'd go so far as to say they are amazeballs - with a straight face no less!

    I follow you on Bloglovin not GFC, can that still count? I have tweeted too :)


  28. These are divine, in fact I'd go so far as to say they are amazeballs - with a straight face no less!

    I follow you on Bloglovin not GFC, can that still count? I have tweeted too :)


  29. I want these gorjus shoes and they are my size! my email is hjdavies23@gmail.com

  30. These shoes would absolutely MAKE my Christmas!! I've lost a ton (well, not actually a ton) of weight this year and can actually walk in heels like this now (yay me!). So sorry for you that they didn't fit :(

    Loving your blog... it's my must-read! Keep up the good work, hun!


  31. Hi doll!

    This is a size 6 in UK, yes? So that means it's a size 8 in US?? I hope so cuz I'm a size 8 in US.

    -------------- I'm now following you via GFC under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

    -------------- I also just liked you via FB under: Nicole Ordonez

    saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    Thank you for the chance! :D

    --- Nicole

  32. Omgomgomgomgomg these shoes are so gorgeous...
    Email: Donnamadeleine@gmail.com
    Facebook has been liked: Donna Kesteven
    Twitter has been tweeted: DonnaMK
    Mwah xxx

  33. OMG they're amazing!
    Such a shame they don't fit you!

    Follow on GFC: Sarah
    email: srh_@hotmail.co.uk
    tweeted: https://twitter.com/#!/srh0304/status/143077477831557120


  34. These shoes are BEAUTIFUL, just like you and your blog! Pleeeeeeeeeeease enter me into your sparkly competition :-)
    (Thanks for the nudge on your FB page!!)

  35. I'm an idiot. I forgot to add that I follow on GFC when I commented a few days ago.

  36. SO SPARKLY! I can't believe the sparkles!!!


    Crossed toes! xxx

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. These are so stunning! I don't usually wear heels but I'd make a huge acceptance for these beauty's!

    GFC: katherine_ox
    Twitter: katherine_ox
    Email: kly_1991@hotmail.co.uk


  39. Oh my! These are beauties! Enter me please lovely?

    Thankyou! :D xx

  40. Id love these. How gorgeous! Thanks a ton. eclairre at ymail dot com

  41. These are gorgeous - consider me entered, please! Thank goodness that I'm a size 6.

    alice@aliceharold.co.uk :)

  42. OMG, OMG OMG I'm sorry that these were crap and didn't fit you but not so sorry as I would LOVE them. They are a shoe gal's dream ..plus as I hate clothing at the moment shoes are my only friend.
    So yes I would love to give them a loving home. I'm a 6 thank thee shoe gods!
    Of course I follow you !
    plus have liked and tweeted :)


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