Thursday 26 August 2010

All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.

Every time my sister and I visit our Granny, we can never resist going through her photo albums. My Granny's always taken loads of photos. I don't know, maybe it's where I get it from.

For my sister's birthday last year I borrowed some of her albums to scan in various old pictures of us being cute. You've seen some of them, actually! But amongst those albums was one entitled 'Old Pictures'. And when a 94 year old calls something old... well.

I think these photos are so incredible. The quality of them makes me ache - I would kill to reproduce those effects! I haven't tinkered with them at all - the jagged edges are real.

This is my Grandad. He died in my first year of university, and, god, I really miss him. He was such an interesting man. He was a Royal Naval Officer in the second World War, and a brilliant engineer. Even as an old man, he'd always be tinkering away, building stuff. My niece still has the dolls house that he built for my sister. He had an MBE, too!

The other thing about my Grandad was that he was SHORT. I'm 5'1 and looked down on him. He was nearly a professional jockey, but then the war happened. But he loved horses. (Me? Not so much. I think you're either a Rider, or you're not. My sister? Was. Me? NO.)

And this little girl... is my Grandad again! There's another photos which I couldn't find of him with massive ringlets. I think his mum wanted a girl.

And my Granny as a girl...

My Granny was so beautiful. I love all these photos, they look like postcards.

This reminds me of Atonement. Definitely one for my wall.

This is my mum and her siblings. Honestly, I complained about wearing glasses as a kid, but SERIOUSLY.

I don't know who that little girl on the right is, but I WANT HER COAT.

In other news, I'm so relieved the long weekend is nearly here. I'm off to a fancy dress party tomorrow (lifelong dream to dress up as Snow White shall be fulfilled!) and am planning on doing a car boot on Monday, but the rest of the time is free for relaxing. I approve. Do you have any exciting plans?


  1. Wonderful, wonderful photos. I have a few boxes of my late Grandma's dating from the late 1880's and can spend hours pouring over all the little details.
    Your Grandad looked lovely, such a cheeky smile (I can see where you get your lovely smile from).
    Enjoy your bank holiday weekend, apparently it's going to stop raining sometime soon. xxx

  2. Such wonderful photos. Loving your mum's glasses! Your Granddad sounds like an amazing man. x

  3. What gorgeous photos - no wonder you can't resist looking through when you visit.

    Your Grandad was so.. little! He looks like a real character :)

    I love all the pictures of the little girls - the ringlets & bows, too cute..

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  4. Absolutely lovely photos. You're right some of them do look like postcards. Amazing. x

  5. Amazing pictures, I enjoyed looking at them so much! I sometimes think there old photographs are the best, way more precious that today's hundreds of useless snaps that make it onto facebook. I loved the one of your mum with glasses, and the one of your grandma jumping over the other girl on the beach (or maybe she was the other girl :P)

  6. What amazing photos! I love looking through my grandma's old albums - she was in the RAF and sooo glamorous...and also a bit of a diva - she cuts out people she doesn't like from her old photos haha

    I'm also empathising deeply with those spectacles...I had some right shockers as a child!

    Sarah x

  7. these photos are gorgeous.i love looking through photos like this,i could spend my whole time doing so!:)

  8. I love all of these - but I think my favourite has to be the leapfrog photo. Too good! How did the photographer catch it at exactly the perfect moment?!



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