Monday 22 October 2012

This is Halloween, this is Halloween.

Look Scary was a fantastic event last week, thrown by Zoe and Lily (with a little help from Blackberry, o2 and the London Dungeons). It combined SO many of my loves: dressing up, Halloween, wine and a whole bunch of bloggers to gossip with and fangirl over.

The gist of the event was that the London Dungeons let a bunch of bloggers loose in their depths to, er, be thoroughly petrified. I brought my friend Nic along, who was staying with me all last week - it was only halfway to the station that I realised I'd left my camera at home, so I had my very own personal paparazzo for the night! This is not always a good thing though... I'm just glad she let me vet the pics first. She caught some great ones though. :)

It was SO great to see all my blogging friends! I was completely in awe of Laura's costume - she looks terrifying and awesome all at the same time. Terrifyingly awesome, even. The rest of the girls were a real mix - I didn't get a pic, sadly, but Zoe and Lily went as two different GaGa incarnations, and both looked stunning. Amy went as her own unfortunate twin sister from the wrong side of the tracks, and Lauren looked totally foxy as a black cat. Oh, and I loved Sarah's dress (but then I always say that!).

I went for low-effort, as a witch, in a simple black dress and cute hat - I like to call it the 'caution' fancy-dress technique, but once I saw that other people had really gone for it with dressing up when we all met at the pub beforehand, I dashed to the loo to don my stripy tights and backcomb the living heck out of my hair. Honestly, I would have OWNED the 80s - it took no time to make my hair 5 inches high! So much easier than a 'real' beehive. Looked terrible, but that was the point.

If you saw the tweets last Thursday, I'm sure you'll get an idea of what a fun night it was. And if you kept reading into the morning, you may get an even better idea of why I shouldn't drink wine all night. Um.

I'm not proud.

Dress - New Look | Hat - Accessorize | Tights - Costume Store | Friis & Company Flat Shoes c/o Spartoo Shoes


  1. ha! I lvoe that last photo. Just like me on saturday... ;)

  2. I now have this is halloween in my head! The London Dungeons look like such an awesome place for a party.

  3. Hahahahaha. I love you. (particularly in that last pic)


  4. Love this post it all looks so fun and I love that last picture!

    Maria xxx


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