Wednesday 27 November 2013

Oh, don't tell anyone I'm here, I've got time and no one near.

I'm back from America, and guys, it was amazing. The food, the shopping... and of course the people. I got to hang with three of my best girls for a little bit, and it was joyous. On Friday I'll share some photos of my friend Erin's wedding in Houston, but today I wanted to quickly share the littl bits of shopping I did when I was away.

Guys, I love shopping, I love it like I love disco, but I did not do all that much! I was anticipating coming back with bulging suitcases of clothes, but I only kept two items from my Modcloth order and I only bought one dress when I was out there! It's like I'm losing all my powers or something.

I did still buy a few bits though...

But damn, the Americans know what to do with peanut butter. I bought seven giant bags of peanut butter M&Ms. I'm sharing some of them, honest.... but only some.

I bought this fluffy scarf from Uniqlo and wrestled with it as I wasn't sure if it was very me. But then I tried it on and realised it felt like wearing a kitten draped round my neck, and I had to own it. SO SOFT.

Benefit is quite a bit cheaper - this little lot worked out about £15 cheaper overall than over here, so definitely worth it. Plus, my last bottle of Posietint lasted me about 4 years, so even more worth it!

Check out all the exciting flavours of M&Ms! The cherry, not so good. The white chocolate peppermint? AMAZE.

OPI is like £5 or £6 a bottle in the US and Essie is less than £5. Obviously I stocked up.

Rapid Dry was more like £8, but it's £13 over here and it's the best topcoat in the world, so.

The wind in New York is super painful on the old ears. Everyone wears these cute little back-of-the-head earmuffs, so I picked up a pair. Super cosy with the added bonus of no hat hair!

God damn, I love Sephora. I wish there were Sephoras in England. Well, kind of. Except then I would have no money ever again. Carrie recommended their Cream Lip Stain in 001 and god, was she right. It's such a perfect colour! I've decided 2014 is going to be the year I get back into lipstick. The lipliner and eyeliner were only $5 each, too, which is like £3! Bargain!

I picked up this dress in Urban Outfitters for about £20. I love the print! I am having debates about the best way to wear it, but that's a topic for a future outfit post, I'm sure.

And finally, my Modcloth buys. Both of these dresses are utterly perfect in different ways - the polka dot dress fits like a glove and the galaxy print is so unusual. Can't wait to wear them both out!

I also bought some MAC concealer, but totally forgot to photograph it. Oh well. Anyway, this post made me realise that 'little bit' of shopping is kind of a lie. I haven't even mentioned all the Christmas presents I picked up (oh NBC store, how I love thee) and all the unpictured M&Ms. I have an M&M problem.


  1. You say M&M problem, I say natural liking for the good things. Hope you had an awesome trip, and loving all the Nail Polish purchases!

  2. Is the NBC store in New York? If so, I am definitely raiding that when I go next year! *thinks of all the Criminal Minds goodies*

    Loving the galaxy print dress and the blue and gold Essie polish too :)

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  4. America is such a wonderful country and I can see you bought many many many packs of m&ms and oh that galaxy print dress is gorgeous with a capital G!! xo


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