Friday 7 March 2014

Friday Frocks #154 - Got a secret, can you keep it?

I've had this dress in my wardrobe since a little Christmas splurge in the ASOS sale, and I absolutely love it, but I've had to quietly admit to myself that it's a bit too much of a tummy hugger. I don't usually point it out, obvs, but I have a bit of a belly and I usually dress to hide it. Thank god for you, skater dresses!

Even though it wasn't the most flattering shape, I couldn't get rid of it. I just couldn't. It's blue! There's a collar! MINE. So when Sainsbury's got in touch and asked if I wanted to review some items from their 'Love Your Assets' range, in collaboration with Spanx, I thought I would see if they could make me love this dress a little more.

Boots - Topshop
Pants c/o Sainsburys

I wore this with the 'Fantastic Firmer Shorts'. They definitely minimised my tum and smoothed out my silhouette, but I was still slightly aware of it in this dress. I also found that they rolled down at the top, and the line of them was visible through the dress which bothered me. I actually think this might be because I have quite a short body, as I've found the same problem with these kind of pants before. I feel like they should come with some kind of way to fix to your bra, and then that problem would be solved! Man, I should go on Dragon's Den.

Well, this is the most I've talked about pants on this blog probably ever. I'm choosing not to feel weird about it, and instead to think about the weekend ahead. It's going to involve cocktails and cheese... I'm very happy with that.

In other news, Lola says HAI.



  1. It's a really sad day when you try on the perfect dress and it's a tummy or bum or thigh or bingo wing hugger. It's like a little bit of your soul dies.

  2. I always get that problem with figure fixing underwear. Either the tummy rolls down or the legs roll up and shows through your clothes or gives bulges in funny places. I'd hope that if you shelled out the $$$ for a real pair of Spanx it wouldn't happen, but until I can afford the splurge I always avoid this kind of underwear.

  3. Shapewear totally scares me.
    This dress doesn't look like a tummy hugger, though.

  4. Love this dress, the colour is so pretty on you! Shapewear is pretty annoying but I do like how it smoothes everything out...

    Maria xxx


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