Wednesday 12 March 2014


I did so many cool things in New York last year. Not enough, though - I'm dying to go back! One that really sticks in my mind though was the burger speakeasy we visited. I'd heard that there was a secret burger joint before, and so when we went hunting for it, I was expecting it to be hidden away down a quiet alley or backstreet. So I was more than a little surprised to be led into the lobby of the super swank Parker Meridien hotel, where in one quiet corner, there was this sign (and also a little bit of a queue).

A big draw of Burger Joint is that novelty factor, but it's a very cool place. The walls are entirely scribbled over with graffiti - I could have spent hours reading it. The food is pretty awesome too - I'm a sucker for a sloppy, filthy burger (although I must confess that I think Meat Liquor or Byron's burgers are a bit better). But this definitely one of the best Oreo milkshakes I've ever had.

If you're ever in New York, I definitely recommend a visit. However, if like me you are sitting at home right now, I apologise for making you want a burger. Oh god, I want a burger.


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  1. This looks so good - sad times that its a seven hour flight away! x


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