Friday 4 April 2014

Friday Frocks #158 - Ooops, I did it again.

I've talked a lot about trying to save money for buying a house, and part of that means less shopping. But actually, I've just been budgeting more and it means that usually, once a month, I can get away with the odd cheeky purchase still... within reason. I posted a few weeks ago about a new dress that I'd completely fallen for, but when I went back to the shop, I found my pretty blue dress in an even prettier green. DILEMMA. I mean, having them both surely wasn't an option... right?

Um. This is my guilty spendy face.

Betty London  ballet pumps  c/o Spartoo

I do love this dress, though. It's Mela Loves London, which is a concession I usually find in New Look, but I also spotted it in TK Maxx for a bit cheaper. It's well made, well fitted, and super flattering. And if a red version comes out, I cannot be responsible for my actions.

PS. Here's a bonus Lola photobomb for your trouble:


  1. That dress is gorgeous - love the colour! :)

  2. Ah this colour looks stunning on you Sarah. Pretty lady!

  3. Such a pretty dress - the colour looks so gorgeous with your hair!

  4. This dress is gorgeous, the colour is perfect with your hair!

    Maria xxx

  5. Love this dress ! Nice outfit !


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