Friday 11 April 2014

Friday Frocks #159 - I can't fight it any more, I'm going through an awkward phase.

I have a few dresses like this one which I have to wear with a little top underneath, and every time I wear them I wonder who they are made for. I mean, sometimes you want to wear a super low-cut number and wow the world with your amazeballs cleavage, but also sometimes you have to go to work and amazeballs cleavage is generally frowned upon in the office. This? This is the face of experience.

Despite the inappropriate neckline, this is a great dress. Polkadots, swishy skirt, looks good with a red cardi - I'm sold.

Dress - New Look (old)
Cardigan - Debenhams (old)


  1. Love this dress! I have the same issue - so many dresses which would be great for work but are so low-cut! x

  2. This is a lovely dress, especially paired with that cardigan! I have some dresses that are so low cut that they show underneath my bra, what craziness is this?!

    Maria xxx

  3. I'm going to assume you've seen this solution to your cleavage problem, but am posting the link just in case. (Geniune advert: spoof voiceover.)

  4. I can't work out if these dresses are for people with far more boobage than me (or you) or lots, lots less. Maybe it's considered more appropriate if you have less boob to put on show?!


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