Wednesday 11 June 2014

Teacup candles with Witch Skincare

The events that the Witch Skincare ladies hold are always amongst my favourites. They always do a great job of getting bloggers together, doing something interesting and chatting - I'm not going to lie, I've been to an awful lot of blogger events where everyone stands awkwardly with the bloggers they know best in a crowded room, talking to no one else. The Witch events aren't like that.

At the latest event, there was a special guest - Gail Porter, who was just incredibly lovely. We went to Drink, Shop, Do and learned how to make teacup candles by the I Made It Myself gang. Despite the fact that our teacher was a professional (he'd made candles for Game of Thrones!), it was surprisingly easy. I chose this pretty vintage teacup and attached the wick to the bottom:

Melted the wax...

Added some perfume...

And poured the wax into my cup and waited for it to set!

Ta da!

We then had a yummy afternoon tea and a couple of cheeky cocktails, and chatted to Gail. She talked a lot about her alopecia and the effect it had on her confidence and also her career. Without her hair, she was seen as less of a 'bimbo' and taken more seriously, but she also found that there was a bit of fear and stigma around her lack of hair too. She's done a lot of work with other young women suffering with alopecia and hair loss, and is clearly very family focused - she talked a lot about her daughter, Honey. I really enjoyed meeting Gail - I felt like I'd known her for ages and am hoping that she comes to more Witch events as she was a lot of fun.

Thanks for an awesome event, Witch - I haven't had the heart to burn the candle yet - it's just so pretty!

Me and the lovely Laura and Gail!


  1. Ah i've always fancied making my own candle! Love the teacup idea. Sounds like you had a fun time!

  2. Love the candle - I've been to Drink Shop & Do a few times and love it there! x

  3. That dress is AMAZING on you x


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