Thursday 5 June 2014

What's in my bag?

So I’m super nosy, so I super love these posts. I tend to use the same big bag every day for work (which I featured years ago!) but I mix and match at the weekends. This is my current favourite, and what can be found within…

Bag - I got this bag for Christmas from my sister from ASOS - I love it. The colour is so deep and sumptuous, and it's a really good size for all my essentials.

Makeup - I've never been one of those girls who takes a full makeup bag out with her, but I usually have my Stila powder and Benefit Posietint on me at the very least, just to make me look vaguely presentable.

Perfume Nina by Nina Ricci is one of my favourite perfumes, so I was happy to be sent this cute 30ml bottle by Click Fragrance – it’s the perfect handbag size!

Phone - Ah, my trusty iPhone. I recently bought a charger case which I swear by - now when I'm hitting the dreaded post 20% red zone, I just turn on my case and boost the power. There are tons on eBay - it's where I got mine!

Hairbrush - I got this free when I bought my travel hairdryer from Babyliss a few years ago. The hairdryer is falling to pieces, but the hairbrush is still going strong!

Lipbalm - I'm obsessed with Carmex clicksticks, and when I was in NYC last year I stocked up... only to find that they've changed the formula and now it tastes horrible! Luckily, you can now buy it in most shops, and it's not too expensive in Savers. The pomegranate is my favourite - it tastes like raspberries.

iPad – I don’t take my iPad everywhere with me, but when I’m travelling or visiting my boyfriend, it’s usually on my person somewhere. It’s full of books, movies and the precious internet so it’s always going to keep me entertained! I got sent this cute spotty iPad case recently from Three.

Mints - Ooooh, fascinating. These are actually my favourites though - whenever I spot them, I stock up so I always have a pack or two rattling around in my bag. And minty fresh breath, obvs.

Money - My wallet is monstrous so I often go out without it at the weekend - it does mean lots of coins at the bottom of my bag, but I can live with that.



  1. What you have in your bag looks pretty similar to what's in mine... Charger cases are a great invention, my phone constantly seems to be running on empty so I definitely need to treat myself to one of these.

    Jade | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Love that bag, such a lovely colour.
    My bag has about 90 lipglosses and hair grips floating around. Along with little to do lists that never get done.


    My NEW BLOG is online, what do u think about?

    Kisses from Italy

  4. Very pretty. Lovely iPad case. Nina Ricci perfumes are just lovely from what I remember from smelling them before. I'm the type who can't settle on one perfume though I really wish I could!


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