Tuesday 21 April 2015

My day on a plate

I am a nosy bugger, so love these kinds of posts. I'm not sure why catching a glimpse into someone's daily routine is so intriguing, but there it is. I can't guarantee my day on a plate will be all that exciting, but let's give it a go...

9.15am - Breakfast
3 x chocolate Belvita breakfast bars

I usually have porridge or a smoothie for breakfast, but I was sent these to try by Belvita along with the strawberry ones, and they're really tasty. The chocolate is gooey, not hard, and tastes a little like Nutella - but as the biscuits aren't very sweet, it's a nice balance and not too sweet for the morning. I always eat at work so these are great for busy days when I don't have time for my porridge - and they did a pretty good job at keeping me full until lunchtime, I started getting snackish just before 12.

1.30pm - Lunch
Tesco Finest Moroccan Chicken Soup 

I always have soup when I'm trying to be healthy, so boring! This one is pretty good but a little lacking in flavour - I was hoping it would be like the yummy M&S version but it doesn't come close. It was super filling, but quite a strong flavour... not sure I'd buy it again.

4.00pm - Snack
Sunbites Red Pepper & Chilli Pitta Bites

I bought these as they're really low in calories and good for those afternoons that I can't quite get through. They have quite a strong taste, which I like, but they're more than a little cardboardy. Probs won't buy again.

7.30pm - Dinner
Giant couscous and cheese salad

We had some cheese in the fridge to use up from a party, so turned it into a big, hearty salad with giant couscous and butternut squash. Super tasty, healthy and filling - plus cheese. Ticks all my boxes! (Recipe coming soon)

8.30pm - Snack
Toffee Kitkat

These are tasty, but not as toffeeish as I would like. But what I would like is a bar of basically pure toffee, so what do I know?


  1. Such a fun post. I love the plain Belvita biscuits but didn't realise they do this version - they look yummy! I'm a big fan of pitta bakes too xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

  2. I'm sorry, a toffee KitKat? I'm not going to get any work done today until I find one of those.

  3. I love posts like this - your dinner looks so good! x


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