Wednesday 8 April 2015

The art of conversation

New toy alert! I recently went to an amazing Dolce Gusto event celebrating the art of conversation, where we were observed by Faizal Lulat, an artist who takes quotes from real conversations and turns them into art. It was a great night, fuelled by champagne and a good gossip with Kristabel, and really interesting to see the little pieces of art produced. And as a final win, I was sent my own piece of art and a coffee machine too!

Confession time - I do not remember saying this deep and confusing phrase on the night, but I did drink quite a bit of champagne. Which also might account for that pesky spelling mistake. The second confession is that I am actually not a coffee drinker. Just not a fan. But I have a boyfriend who was extremely keen to have a fancy coffee machine in our flat, and a Google search that tells me you can make hot chocolate in it too, so I was sold.

And honestly, it's pretty great. The weather hasn't quite heated up yet so a mug of hot chocolate after dinner is just the trick to warm my cockles before bed, and Matt's loving his morning coffee. I hear the coffee is of great quality, but can't really vouch for it myself - but the hot chocolate is great. I am usually a bit disappointed with homemade hot chocolate, it's often a bit watery and not very creamy but this is rich and gorgeous. It's also only 150 calories a cup, which really surprised me (go check out the calorie counts at Starbucks).

I was lucky enough to be sent a few different pods by the nice people at Dolce Gusto, but if you're considering investing in one, the machine comes with one of each pod so you can decide what you like best before buying a whole box. And actually the machines are really not expensive - even less so as NescafĂ© Dolce Gusto sent me this link if you also want a NDG machine, for a bargain price. £45 gets you a white Piccolo machine, a box of Latte Macchiato pods, a box of Americano pods and a Dolce Gusto cup set, which is an incredible bargain. And think of all the money you'd save at Costa...


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