Sunday 14 June 2015

Afternoon tea bus tour with the BB Bakery & Rennie

This great nation was founded on combining two great things to make one awesome thing. Salt and vinegar! Cheese and biscuits! Peanut butter and chocolate! Cheese and pickle! Fish and chips! Cheese and another type of cheese! And now... afternoon tea and guided tours!

I feel my tone may sound sarcastic, but I swear it ain't so (I'm never anything less than sincere about cheese). I actually really enjoy a guided tour, especially one on wheels as it means I can rest my feet for a bit. You get pretty sights and learn a little while being lazy, what's not to love? Adding afternoon tea to the mix is right up my street.

I was invited to go on the BB Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour by Rennie, who want to be associated with celebrating a yummy experiences rather than worrying about the side effects after - as long as you take Rennie, you'll be fine. I actually didn't need any Rennie after the afternoon tea though - everything we ate was fresh and utterly delicious, indigestion was the last thing on my mind.

The bus tour is a great idea, and the team behind it have orchestrated it really well. Both floors of the double decker bus are equipped with fixed tables and chairs so you can sit in perfect comfort whilst enjoying the sights out of the window. What's more, there's no risk of food and drink flying everywhere - the plates are attached to the tables, the tables have cup-holders, and your tea is even served in a travel mug. Even the cake stands have little lips attached to them so the cakes can't go anywhere. Genius.

What's more, the food is REALLY good. The tour is run by the BB Bakery - a real, established bakery in Covent Garden - so it's clear that quality is a priority. The sandwiches and quiches were fresh and unbelievably tasty, and the cakes - oh, the cakes. They were bloody good cakes, and despite the large quantity, it didn't take long for us to polish them all off. In fact, they rather showed the tour up, as they were far and away the highlight.

The tour itself was fine - we went past all the major London landmarks like Buckingham Palace, the Royal Albert Hall and Big Ben - but as there wasn't anyone commentating on the sights and the bus didn't stop, it was easy to miss them and focus on the food. And as the food was really good, I found myself missing a lot. I didn't mind too much - I'm in London a lot, and actually after the tour I walked from Waterloo to Paddington so went past most of those sights again on foot anyway (although I don't recommend that walk on a Saturday. So. Many. Tourists.) - but if you wanted an informative London guided tour then this may not be the one for you. They've focused on the food rather than the tour element, which I think is the right thing to do - I would have been disappointed by a really detailed tour if it came with rubbish cakes!

You can book into the BB Bakery Tour from £45 a person, which includes sandwiches, quiches, pastries, cupcakes, macarons and scones. It's a great experience for someone visiting London, a hen do or anyone who bloody loves cake.



  1. This sounds like such a fun afternoon! Definitely on my list for when a visitor is in town.

  2. Looks so amazing! It's been on the list for some time, I certainly will be making sure I do it soon xx

  3. I looked into this for my hen do. It looks so good! xx


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