Thursday 27 August 2015

A day at Borough Market, London

On Saturday, our plans changed last minute and we decided to head to Borough Market to eat all the things - which is, apparently, the only thing you can do at Borough Market. When I asked on Twitter what we should eat, there was a resounding cry of 'EVERYTHING!' Challenge accepted, my friends.

We started out sharing a scotch egg from Scotchtails, which was amazing. The flavours were really simple, but it was so fresh and hot that I was an extremely happy camper. They do fancier varieties too, but sometimes you just want meat and egg, right?

Sharing is absolutely the way forward at Borough Market. Don't get me wrong, I am a girl with a large appetite, but I'm much happier having two half-portions of two yummy things than one big portion. Twice the fun, right? And there is SO much incredible food on offer at Borough Market that I wanted to try as much as possible.

Next up, a chorizo roll from Brindisa. Mmmm, this was so good. I didn't really want to share it, to be honest - I think I ate most of this. Poor Matt.

We did deviate from the sharing plan next, though - I treated myself to a cider and Matt had some oysters (I am not a seafood fan, so I looked on in disgust).

I was very tempted by the salt beef sandwiches from Nana Fanny's - they looked incredible, stuffed to the brim with meat and mustard - but opted to give meat a break and go for my one true love, cheese. The grilled cheese from Kappacasein is amaaazing - here's an article about what goes into it (three cheeses, chopped onions and awesomeness).

We picked up a couple of doughnuts from Bread Ahead (oh my gosh, the creme caramel & honeycomb one was life changing) and wandered over to the South Bank to eat them while taking in the sights. It was a beautiful day on Saturday - so hot! The perfect day to take a stroll round our capital - something we don't do enough, even though we can get into London so easily from where we live.

This weekend, we're heading back into London - we have an awesome Saturday planned, thanks to the nice chaps at Laughing Cow and their 'What's your craving?' campaign in honour of their Mini Cravings cheese. As I was craving a holiday, they've treated me to an awesome day out with lots of treats - I can't wait! I'll report back on that next week in full (there's an epic afternoon tea that I'm SO excited about) but if you're in Reading this weekend, check out their Cravings Cube. It was at Morrisons today, and tomorrow and Saturday it's at the Oracle Shopping Centre. You can win some amazing prizes (I've even helped pick a few of them!). What are you up to this weekend?



  1. All the food looks so nice, those donuts!!! =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  2. Holy wow.

    I need to eat all of this food rn.

  3. I bloody love that you can get amazing grilled cheese sandwiches all over London now. I had a great one at Maltby St Market ages ago, I literally wanted to run and hide in a corner so I could have alone time with it.


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