Sunday 30 August 2015

Stick out your personality with Mikado

You know how some people just don't have a sweet tooth? If they indulge then it's absolutely going to be crisps or pizza or wedges - all the carbs, basically - but chocolate just doesn't do it for them? And then, of course, there are the opposite. The people who could cheerfully eat their bodyweight in jelly sweets or cake but aren't too fussed about the breaded and battered food group?

Yeah, I'm not either of those people. I have an epic sweet tooth and a big old carb appetite too. Ever since I first dipped a McDonald's french fry in a strawberry milkshake, I realised I could have it all, and by jove, I would. My ideal situation is a buffet of brown food - potato wedges, sausage rolls, pizza, chicken - and then an equally awesome buffet of chocolate based treats. And then another buffet of brown food once my sweet tooth was exhausted. That sounds incredible.

One of my favourite rants is from discovering that a certain bubble-based chocolate bar has a serving suggestion on the packet that's 2 segments short of a full bar. Because who on earth eats that much of a chocolate bar and leaves the rest? NO. A portion is the whole thing, and only crazy people think otherwise. This is how I think - if it's open, it's getting eaten - so I'm always pretty happy when I discover something that I can power my way through without feeling like I've completely destroyed the diet (because, funnily enough, having the above attitude towards food means that I could stand to lose a few pounds).

Mikado sticks are my snack of choice right now. They're just 11 calories each, which means I can work my way through a box and not feel too guilty about it. So I was in my element when they sent me a few boxes recently as part of their Stick out your personality campaign. They asked me to share a selfie sticking out my personality with some Mikado, so... er...

This is why I don't post many selfies, ha - but you can see my pick of a bad bunch here, on Instagram. Oh, and make sure you get in on the act too - as Mikado are currently running a competition on Twitter and Instagram to win lots of goodies (plus oodles of Mikado, obvs) - you just need to upload a selfie of you eating Mikado with the hashtag #MikadoBy. Tag @mikado_uk in your pictures too, and @essbeevee (that's me!) - because I get to choose a winner. You only have until September 4th, though, so hurry!

This post is sponsored by Mikado.



  1. Sweet and savoury where meant to be mixed, I love to dip McDonalds chips in my Mcflurry, it's weird but so good! =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  2. LOVE mikado! i love sticking marshmallows on them :)

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog


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