Sunday 4 October 2015

Afternoon tea and cake delivery with Betty's Tearooms

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to enjoy afternoon tea in London with Betty's and a lovely group of bloggers. I'm a big fan of Betty's tearooms - we missed out when we were in York last December as I was poorly, so my last visit was five blinking years ago. I've been itching to go back ever since, so I was very happy to be invited to their London event. I dressed up in my finery - because pretty dresses and shoes are a must for afternoon tea, right - and hopped on the train. I wore this dress from Mela and these shoes from Spartoo, in case you're wondering.

Sadly, it doesn't mean that Betty's is opening in London - they're Northern, through and through - but they have just launched a delivery service, so if you're jonesing for some epic cakes, you can get them to your door. In teams, we set up our own afternoon teas from boxes of goodies packed as if they were to be delivered, and so I can vouch for the quality and the packaging. Wouldn't an afternoon tea in a box be an excellent present?

We started the day with some tips on writing with icing, and a chance to practise. This has never been my gift, and I didn't really change much about that this time, but it was fun to do and I learned a little about the different techniques, such as dropping the icing on in a shape, rather than just dragging it round. Danielle from Betty's made it look easy.

Then we worked together to create a truly Instagrammable afternoon tea, using a huge array of gorgeous crockery and other props that Betty's had provided (although sadly we weren't allowed to sneak anything into our goodie bags - I was eyeing those copper teaspoons and the vintage china) and the aforementioned boxes of cakes. And so many cakes! Macarons, florentines, lemon drizzle, chocolate cake and fat rascals (awesome giant scone-like things). The little mice were my favourite - they were filled with rich chocolate ganache, and I could have cheerfully eaten a box of them.

You can see everything that's available to order online at Betty's website here - feel free to send some goodies my way!



  1. I don't think a day out could be any more perfect!

  2. This looks incredible, treats in a box will ALWAYS be a good idea!

    Maria xxx

  3. Hold on. Afternoon tea delivered?? What a brilliant idea! And it all looks so so good.
    My nan would LOVE this and it's her 80th soon so think it's definitely a great gift idea.

    Hair Advice & All Things Nice

  4. Look at those MICE! We had a Betty's gift box come to the office the other day, and they're really lovely. I haven't had afternoon tea for ages either- it might soon be time for cake!


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