Thursday 1 October 2015

Flower delivery with Appleyard London (plus 33% off)

I've become obsessed with buying fresh flowers this year - I just think they brighten up a room and make it seem extra happy. There's also something grown-up about buying flowers for yourself, I've always thought. It might only be a few quid here or there, but it seems luxurious to me. I always feel like having a vase of fresh flowers in my living room makes it look like I have my shit together.

All that means, though, that when I'm watching the pennies - like right now - those little luxuries are the first things to go. I haven't been allowed to buy myself flowers for a couple of months, and I've really missed them. So I was very happy to be asked to review a bouquet from Appleyard London, and chose the Summer Coulis bouquet, because it's so cheerful and colourful.

The flower delivery service was great - they came quickly, on my specified day (I requested them on Tuesday and they arrived on Thursday, but they do actually offer a next day flower delivery service), and were well packaged. I split them between two small vases and cheerfully installed them in the living room and kitchen. However, I was really disappointed with the flowers themselves. They looked great for a couple of days, but after four or five days were wilted and sad - definitely not what you expect from a £30+ bouquet. So I did what I'd do normally, and complained.

I think it's always worth including both sides of the experience in a review, because for me, if a complaint is dealt with well, it changes my experience from a negative one to a positive one. Appleyard treated me exactly the same as a paying customer - no blogger privilege here - and, after profuse apologies, replaced my bouquet with another of my choice, along with a free bottle of wine.

The second bouquet was even more beautiful - I'm now obsessed with hydrangeas - and lasted nearly two weeks so I do feel assured that the first experience was a one-off, and would definitely use Appleyard again to send flowers. They've also given me a discount code to share with you guys, so take advantage for any birthdays or special occasions coming up! You can get 33% off their range of luxury bouquets with the code BLOG33, excluding the flowers by post range.


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  1. Both bouquets look absolutely stunning, such a shame the first didn't last long but grea that they replaced it and gave you a complementary bottle of wine - sounds like great customer service xx

    Ioanna |


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