Sunday 25 September 2016

REVIEW: Deliveroo in St Albans featuring Relish Real Burgers

Deliveroo in St Albans review featuring Relish Real Burgers

When we lived in our flat in St Albans, takeaways were definitely a regular occurrence. It was slightly exacerbated by the fact that, for about half our tenancy, I worked in marketing for a takeaway company - it's impossible to resist when it's free! But the range of restaurants was always a little disappointing. I never found anywhere that did a decent chicken kebab, and would feel quietly jealous of my London-based pals who could get a wide range of different cuisines delivered whenever they wanted. You guys don't know you're born, seriously. (Yep, I'm ninety, shush.)

Sooo, it was with great excitement that I found out Deliveroo were coming to my local area. FINALLY I could get food delivered from some of my local favourites - plus chains like Wagamama, which is regularly the only thing I fancy. But. BUT. When Deliveroo made it to St Albans... it was about a month after I'd moved back in with my parents. And while they technically live in St Albans, their village is about half a mile out of the Deliveroo radius. Noooo. And to make matters worse, the guys at Deliveroo then contacted me and asked if I fancied reviewing them. Rubbing salt in the wound here, guys.

Deliveroo in St Albans review featuring Relish Real Burgers

I'm whinging, but when you see the delivery guys out and about, it makes sense. Most of the ones in St Albans and Watford are just on bicycles, and if they spread the radius too wide, there'd be a lot of lukewarm food turning up. Also, St Albans is at the top of a very steep hill. It's just cruel to make them go that far. Anyway, my story has a happy ending. My friend Dan invited us round for a night of board and card games, and we offered to supply the food... whilst taking advantage of his sweet AL1 postcode. Thanks, Dan.

Loads of places on my list of the best restaurants in St Albans are on Deliveroo - HatchRelish, even The Pudding Stop. We decided to give Relish a go, as we hadn't enjoyed their amazing burgers for ages, and they were listed as having a short delivery time. That's something I like on the Deliveroo app - it gives you an estimate of how long your food will take as you're choosing, which is incredibly handy if you're hungry.

We all ordered Yanky burgers - beef with cheese, BBQ sauce and crispy onions - and sweet potato fries each. The food came pretty much exactly when predicted, and we got stuck in whilst playing Betrayal at House on the Hill, Superfight and Love Letters.

Deliveroo in St Albans review featuring Relish Real Burgers

The burgers were lovely and hot, and just as tasty as I remembered. The sweet potato fries didn't fare quite as well - they were a little soggy and went cold quite quickly, but they still tasted good - and to be honest, I've had them like that from a restaurant in the past, too! Also, they weren't the main event and I was really impressed with the quality of the burgers. Having had them in the restaurant too, they met my high expectations.

Let's be honest here. If I was still living within 2.5 miles of St Albans town centre, I would be most likely ordering from Deliveroo on a weekly basis, and so it's probably a good thing for my bank balance (and impending mortgage) that I'm not. That said, I'm planning to move to Tring later this year... so if Deliveroo fancy heading up that way, that'd be swell.

Deliveroo kindly provided me with a £20 voucher in exchange for this honest review.

Deliveroo in St Albans review featuring Relish Real Burgers

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