Wednesday 21 March 2018

WEDDING: Meet my new wedding shoes!

Rainbow Club Marcia wedding shoes - mary jane style with a strap and thick chunky heels

So there's less than two months now until my wedding and the planning is amping up. The dress fittings have begun, the bridesmaids and ushers have their outfits and we're starting to nail down the final details. It's both exciting and scary. I'm excited for the day, and after the day (I am seriously impatient to call Matt my husband) but I'm nervous that I've dropped a ball somewhere or forgotten something, and that's the scary part. The anxiety dreams are pretty much nightly at this point (but I like to think of them as warnings not to forget things!).

One thing I chose fairly early on was my shoes. At 5'1, I knew I'd want to wear heels, and I'm usually more comfortable in those with a strap as I have wide feet so often end up in shoes a size too big, which means they sometimes slip off. It's a lot to consider. So I was after some cute Mary-Jane type shoes, when Matt pointed out that I should look for a wide heel, too. It's a good point, and the reason he makes it is because he's attended several weddings with me where I've clutched frantically at his arm as my stilettos have sunk into the lawn.

Rainbow Club Marcia wedding shoes - mary jane style with a strap and thick chunky heels

So those were my requirements. And after briefly being tempted by these hilariously insane Irregular Choice shoes from Spartoo and these sparkly but expensive Charlotte Mills shoes, I settled on the Marcia shoe from Rainbow Club. I actually did some blogging for Rainbow Club years ago - we went to a cool event and learnt to hand-dye shoes, so I knew they specialised in shoes for weddings and that they can dye shoes any colour you want - whether it's before or after the event. I felt pretty confident with them. But I held off on buying the shoes until after Christmas, hoping for a sale (when you're buying dinner for 100+ people, you're always hoping for a sale).

No sale came, but what did come along was the lovely people from Lace & Favour, who asked if I'd like to review something from their site. You can guess where this is heading, but let me tell you, their site is a godsend for brides-to-be. It's full of wedding accessories like jewellery, veils, shoes and hair pieces. You can even buy confetti and place settings there - it's a total one-stop-shop, and they sell lots of different brands, too.

Obviously I asked very nicely if I could review the Rainbow Club shoes of dreams, and they said yes. So these are my shoes! They're perfect. They are the practical choice, and so I wasn't expecting to fall madly in love with them, but for a chunky shoe they're still elegant - I love the art-deco design. They're super comfortable (you wouldn't believe how soft they are inside) and I'm 100% confident that I can last all day in them. I'm so happy with my choice, because it's so tempting to go for something teetering and impractical and beautiful, and I'd just spend the whole day resenting my feet. And no one wants that.

Thank you so much for my dream shoes, Lace & Favour! I promise I'll do you proud on the dancefloor.


Rainbow Club Marcia wedding shoes - mary jane style with a strap and thick chunky heels

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