Infrequently Asked Questions

Evvs... beh... huh?
It's pronounced SBV, dear. It's my initials!

Is that your real hair?
Nope. It's a strategically placed mop that fell in some ketchup.

Why do you always look to the side in photos?
Simple. Bears.

Where do babies come from?
Kissing. Never kiss anyone if you don't want babies. EVEN YOUR MUM.

Your eyes are massive. What's up with that?
My dad is an owl.

What camera do you use?
An FPKT Digital Camera. And sometimes one of these.

How long is your hair?

What does the B stand for?

Which is better, butter or margarine?
By asking this question it is obvious that you have never eaten a Danish Pastry.

Why don't you like tea?
Because it tastes like rockpools.

What are you scared of?

Who would win in a fight, a dinosaur or you?
I can answer this with 100% accuracy. It would be a draw.

Daddy or chips?
Simple. Choose Daddy. Befriend Daddy. Get Daddy to buy chips.

Where did you learn to draw?
In a cave with a stick. Last week.

What I'd really like is to read 25 Things About You that I did not know. Can you make that happen?
Yes. Yes, I can. Unless you've read this post already. If you have, then no.

When was the last time you displayed violent tendencies?
The last time I heard someone mispronounce scone.

What hair colour do you use?
Are you daring to imply that my hair colour is not natural?

Why are you so amazing?
I don't know. I just don't know. The hardest part is not making other people feel inferior by my amazingness.

Are you writing some of these questions yourself?
Um. No?

Really. Because that 'amazing' one kind of seemed like...


  1. Oh you crack me up. You really do.

    "Who would win in a fight, a dinosaur or you?
    I can answer this with 100% accuracy. It would be a draw."

    I basically died at that.

  2. Can I just ask? (As this will bug me forever!)

    Do you pronounce scone so it rhymes with cone or gone?

    Just wondering which is the "correct" pronunciation!!

    Loved the questions! I was nto expecting that!!

    Emma x

  3. Hi Emma! I pronounce it to rhyme with 'cone' but there is a lot of debate about the 'correct' way, haha. Depends what your mum taught you!

  4. Oh thank God! Somebody who pronounces scone the correct way! As I keep pointing out to people, if you remove the letter 's' you are left with cone. Therefore it must rhyme with cone and not gone. Simples really.


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