Friday 29 July 2011

Super Awesome OMG Giveaway Week (Day Five)

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAYYYYY!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!! PRESENTS AND CAKE AND WINE AND A DAY OFF WOOHOO!!! I have such a good day planned – I’m off to get my hair did this morning, then hopping on a train to that London to meet my lovely friend Anne for some kind of awesome lunch and then an afternoon pottering around Kensington Palace. Have you been to the Enchanted Palace yet? I’ve wanted to go for aaages. Don’t go today though, as I want to have it all to myself, okay?

And then, I don’t know, some kind of public drunkenness, probably. Sounds like a plan, right? Anyway, I’ll be back a little later with today’s Friday Frocks post (giveaway week or not, I couldn’t bear to miss a week) but here’s today’s…

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Today’s sponsor, Debenhams, is one of my favourite shops. I love Debbos. One of my favourite things about where I work is the big one 5 minutes walk from the office. Although I can spend hours in there, which is dangerous when your lunch hour is only, well, an hour. You know all my awesome Warehouse dresses that I’m like ‘Yeah, this was 50p…’ – they’re ALWAYS from Debenhams. The concessions sales, especially, seem to be extra amazing – and they always have my size left! I’m also a bit of a Red Herring fiend – they’ve had so many 50s silhouettes recently, I’ve been having sensory overload. Want. Them. All.


Today, Debenhams have given me a £50 voucher to share with one of you lucky people. And, with sales on all over the shop, this will go far. Although, I’d probably buy some gorgeous undies, rather than a dress – Ted Baker has launched these gorgeous sets to celebrate the first birthday of B by Ted Baker. Aren’t they pretty?


  • You must be a follower of this blog. Yep, I’ll be checking!
  • Include your email in the comment.
  • Giveaway will run for ONE WEEK, closing Friday 5th August 19:00 GMT
  • Winner will be selected using
  • Worldwide entries welcome.
  • Winners will be announced Monday 8th August.


  • Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin (please let me know which)
  • Leave a comment letting me know what you’d like to spend the voucher on and your email address
  • For an extra entry, either tweet or post to your blog something along these lines: Fancy winning a £50 @debenhams voucher? Enter @essbeevee’s giveaway at you tweet AND blog it – that’s two extra entries! But please note you must comment too.)
Good luck!




  1. Aww HAPPY BIRTHDAY you adorable creature!

    and I would buy some sexy undies too I think, too many boring black sets in my drawer atm. (who am I kidding, you have my email obviously!)

  2. Happy Birthday! I'm sure you'll celebrate it most excellently :)
    I have a bit of a weakness for pretty lingerie so if I won this I'd be straight down there buying a Frost French Floozie set - possibly the one with bunnies on!
    My e-mail's dichohecho [at] gmail [dot] com and I follow you via Google (and Twitter!)
    Sarah :)

  3. Happy birthday!
    A dress or nice undies - what a conundrum! Debenhams are one of the few places that do my cup size though, so probably the latter.
    My e-mail's jessicaeleri (at) gmail (dot) com and I follow you via Google!
    Ps - I tweeted too :)

  4. Yya I want to win! I never, ever go to Debenhams and I don't really know why? So i should clearly win to change my habits ;)

    Happy Birthday cutie face! Yay for public drunkenness xxx


    I'm so jealous. I wish mine was here.

    Sounds like a fab day planned though!

    If I won I'd buy a new LBD - I have none that fit any more, and if they have them 50's stylee by Red Herring so much the better!



    Great giveaway, once again ;) I've lost a ton (not literally) of weight recently, and so my underwear draw is looking a little "saggy" - would love £50 to indulge in some new boulder holders and (not-so) fat pants!

    Have a great day!

    Leanne x

  7. Happy birthday!!

    I would like to go for a bra fitting and spend the money on some lovely new underwear sets, I am in desperate need.

    I follow on GFC and my email is


  8. ooh i love debenhams too :) I'm following on bloglovin. If I won I'd be tempted to spend it on dresses but what I really need is new jeans!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day and get very drunk!
    I follow via GFC :)
    Hmmm, either dress or undies, Debenhams actually do my bra size, so I may be tempted there!
    Sirens and Bells

  10. Hi there and Happy Birthday! What an amazing giveaway!
    I would so enjoy spending the £50 voucher on some fabulous new cosmetics and a lush new underwear set.
    I follow you, have tweeted and mentioned it on my blog - Peaches & Cream. My email is
    Thanks ♥

  11. An underwear set! Need it!:) I follow you, gfc:Anamarija T, mail:marisssa86(at)gmailDOTcom

  12. And tweeted!:)))!/marisssa86/status/96902903322779648

  13. Happy Birthday ^-^

    I think if I won I would spend it on a pair of boots. I've been dying for a new pair.

    (follower with google)

  14. happy birthday again ^^ hope it's fantasticish!
    I'm all about the underwears
    Jasmine GFC

  15. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you get Kensington Palace all to yourself :) what a lovely way to spend a birthday!

    I would spend it on shoooes as my shoe collection is sadly lacking some floral platforms such as these lovelies:

    I follow you on Google and my email is

    I love that your title lady is wearing a party hat :)

    Sarah x

  16. Happy birthday lovely :) Hope your day is as absolutely fantastic as you are!

    I would love to be entered for this please.. Yes, I'm a follower! My email is: dlw1210(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk - thanks :)

  17. Happy Birthday!
    GFC: iamnotarobot
    Twitter: _ChloePower_
    I'd put the voucher towards buying a dress for my school debs ball!

  18. Happy birthday! Am a follower, (have been for ages!) and if I won I think I would spend it on some smart clothes for the new job I am starting soon! x Email is susanlwoods at hotmail dot co dot uk

  19. These give aways just keep getting better and better :)

    I would probably spend the voucher on some work clothes or towards a pair of new boots!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!
    Enjoy your day!


  20. Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day!
    If I win then I would buy some lovely new shoes!
    My email is xx

  21. Happy Birthday!! Hope you're spoiled rotten!

    I'd love to buy most of the Henry Holland range or some new shoes. I follow on both sites, tweeted (@_SarahColeman_) and blogged about the giveaway week.

  22. Happy Birthday, I hope you're havin a great day!

    Follower via Google Friend Connect


  23. Happy Birthday!!

    I follow on both sites, have tweeted and have finally mentioned your week of birthday giveaways on my blog!

    I'd spend the £50 on a pair of shoes, specifically brogues/loafers as anyone that has listen to me whittle on will be aware of how much I'm lusting after them! Either that or I'd follow suit and get myself one of those pretty dresses!

  24. Happy birthdayyyy!!!!

    I follow on GFC :)

  25. I would buy a really nice dress or playsuit type thing:)
    I think I follow by google...
    happy birthday:D

  26. Wow, some of those underwear sets are gorgeous! I usually only shop in Debenhams for make up but I've just had a nosey on the website and a lot of their clothes are gorgeous too! I think if I'd won I'd pick myself up a few pieces of lingerie. It always feels like such a treat. :)

  27. *BTW my email is: :D

  28. Happy birthday!
    You're really spoiling us this week:) I love Debenhams too. Especially HH. I'm a follower (under Sara). My email address is I've tweeted too (@sara_book)

  29. Happy Birthday!
    I would buy the third dress if I won, it's so gorgeous.
    GFC follower,

  30. Oooh I would love to enter please, and I too need some new underwear!! I follow through GFC and my email is :)

  31. Happy Birthday! Hope you're out celebrating it in splendiferously drunken style right now.

    What would I spend it on? If the sale is still on, probably something nice from the Henry Holland range, or perhaps some Frost French scanties. They're just so fun.

    I'm a GFC follower and it's

  32. Happy birthday! I hope you are having a good week!
    I'd probably spend it on a nice dress ( have too many also! ) or a good quality bra!
    I follow through gfc - shashibiscuits(@)
    Kyrie x

  33. Would def go for underwear too, i love the floozie range debenhams have, just so cute and girly!
    I follow through gfc, x

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. I would definitely snap up a lovely floral dress, you can never have too many :)


  36. I would probably buy a dress like the others, OR buy a new bag! A girl can never have too many handbags, right? <3


  37. Happy belated birthday!!! I'd spend it on a lovely pair of shoes because scruffy ballet pumps just aren't cutting it at my new job! To be fair though Debenhams has so much lovely stock I could buy pretty much anything they have...

  38. happy birthday!
    i'd probably spend the voucher on a new bikini, as I'm off on holiday soon!!
    my email is:

    Rosie xo

  39. im ALSO going to tweet!
    im @roseanneamy! :D
    Rosie xo

  40. I hope you had an amazing birthday!

    I would love to spend this voucher on some shoes & a dress if I won! They're two new things I desperately need!

    I follow your blog through Google & my email is

    Rebecca x

  41. Happy Birthday!

    Lol I'm catching up with all my entries now....I would love to enter this giveaway too!

    If I won I'd probably spend the voucher to stock up on some make up. Or put it towards a nice new bag. Or some yummy Carvela shoes!

    I follow via GFC (I forgot to mention that in my entry for the BrandAlley voucher)

    I've tweeted too - @scaredtoast


    T x

  42. Following on GFC, you can email me at :)

    I would spend it on a super cute dress that I could twirl round in and go to tea parties.

    Florrie x

  43. I desperately need some new undies that actually fit me lol.. so this would come in v handy!! Hope you had a fab bday :) Following as Nicola (@NicsNotebook), have tweeted and email is :) x

  44. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (I know it's a tad late!)
    I follow you on GFC and my email is

  45. Happy Belated Birthday!
    GFC: Joy
    Email: dearjoy[at]
    I'd spend it on a new bag, because my current bag has been through the wars and is falling apart.

  46. Hello :)
    GFC Name: Holly
    I'd LOVE to spend the voucher on a lovely new dress :)
    I tweeted about the competition :)!/InspirationSays/status/97671660001427457

  47. oops. good job I've thought to double check all my entries...left my email address off this one too!!

  48. Ooh you're good to us aren't you?
    Following -GFC ( and in the bushes on your trip to work)
    I'd spend it on underwear or a good purse, I need one that has working parts.

    Athriftymrs at hotmail .co.UK

  49. Oooooh lush!
    I'd put it towards something from Red Herring or Henry Holland. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    I follow you on GFC :)
    messycarla @

  50. Please enter me lovely. I would spend the voucher on either some wedding undies or a bikini for the honeymoon :)

  51. If I won this, I'd buy probably pants. Or house stuff. (But really? I'd buy dresses. You're a bad influence)

    hi @

  52. I'm following you via Bloglovin and my email is

    It would be dresses - dresses all the way!

    Amy x.

  53. Bloglovin,

    I really love the dresses at Debenhams as well and have got quite a few bargains there too!! So I think I would probably spend my voucher on more lovely dresses in the next sale there.


  54. I follow via tinker_bell1990 and have tweeted from @Charli008
    thanks x

  55. Did you have a lovely birthday? I'd like to spend it on dresses, can't ever have enough! ;) xoxo
    I follow via GFC

  56. OK, so I totally didn't read your entries properly (Just like every exam I've ever taken and every instruction book I've ever hd) so I have to go through again and do the comments PROPERLY. Sorry Sarah!!

    I would buy a new set of wine glasses for my new flat, then not like Alex touch them xx

  57. I love all their Red Herring dresses (like you I am a sucker for a 50s shape!) so I would buy myself one of their dresses for my birthday outing in a couple of weeks. (Very bad form to mention my birthday on your birthday post I know!)
    My email is and I follow via GFC. xxx

  58. Hope you had a fab birthday, mine was on friday too :) my email is andI follow via bloglovin :) xx

  59. oops sorry I am useless and half asleep and only left half a comment...I would probably treat myself to some new undies or possibly some Benefit goodies, I do likes me a bit of Benefit xx

  60. Following on GFC.

    Email -

    I'd probably blow it on an expensive frock for once - and spend any residue on a cute T-shirt for the little one.

  61. Please enter me!

  62. Hope you had a great birthday.

    I love the underwear at Debenhams so this would be amazing!


  63. Hope you had a fab birthday :)

    I would probably buy lots of holiday stuffs in the sale as i am on holiday in 32 sleeps :D


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