Saturday 2 August 2008

Unfabulous Fridays: Damn you, Longoria!


As you know, I am really rather precious about my hair. I spend a lot of time and money making it not look like the fuzzy hairball it naturally is. And, having found my first grey hair at the tender age of 19, applying hairdye every couple of months is part of the process. But it's cool - I've been dying my hair since my mid-teens when I wanted to look like Claire Danes in My So Called Life, and I'm pretty expert at doing it without completely wrecking the bathroom.

(When I was around 15, I was dying my hair red and dripped some dye onto the wooden toilet seat. It sunk in immediately and was there for about five years. Lesson learned.)

Also, throughout all the applications of hairdye I've learnt that red hair only looks good for about two days after you've washed it and then it goes orange and super dark hair makes me look like a goth. An unhealthy goth. And then I found that Medium Golden Brown is basically the perfect colour for me, as it is close enough to my natural colour that when it grows out you can't tell it's been dyed, but gives it a pretty auburn/chestnut hue that makes me look less like a sweet little dead girl.

Tonight, I tried out the newest L'Oreal - Excellence or something - in Medium Golden Brown. Eva Longoria's been advertising it all over town and flashing her glossy hair and teeth and going on about how you only need to leave it on for ten minutes and then you'll look beautiful and shiny. Right.

I left it on for maybe 3 minutes longer than it said... and it's black. Or as close to black as it can get. I look ill. And I am not happy. I may be washing my hair several times over the rest of the weekend.

I should have been suspicious from the start of a hair colour that only wanted to be left on for ten minutes - it obviously had a hell of a lot of pigment in it. It is not a good look.

I hope all your hair falls out, Longoria!

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