Sunday 10 May 2009

New stuff! Sort of for free!

This year, I've bought two big presents for myself by the brilliant method of selling unwanted crap on ebay. The benefits to this method are twofold. One - less unwanted crap in my teeny tiny room. Two - new stuff for FREE. Sort of.

Anyway, the first purchase was Corioliss hair straighteners, which are a lot like GHDs, only better. They get my hair so much straighter than my GHDs ever did, they were cheaper (thanks, ebay!) and they have this funky cleaning power which basically means they burn the grease right off your hair. Just burn it off. Whee.

And they're
pretty. You know what? You should get some! I went here, but this is the official website. And the best part, I sold my ancient GHDs (whilst being totally honest about their age) for over £50! Yay!

The second purchase is actually way more exciting for me. I've needed a new camera for ages, because I used to use my phone camera on the really rather decent Sony Ericsson K800i, but when I upgraded to the apparently superior Sony Ericsson C902, which is not superior at ALL, actually. Well, the camera is rubbish, and that's really annoying because if I hadn't chosen a phone based on its megapixels, I could have got an iPhone! SOB. Anyway, I debated the merits of a petite point and shoot versus a fancy-pants camera with removable lenses and all that jazz, and went for...

A fancy-pants camera with removable lenses and all that jazz! Oh, Nikon D40, how I love you. It's such a great camera. It makes my friends look gorgeous (and they were pretty gorgeous already):

And it makes dismal seaside towns look like areas of outstanding natural beauty (oh, Exmouth, I love you really):

And it makes my cat look like she is a cat:


Lola is all like, 'Hai, no moar peekchas plz.'


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