Saturday 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

So, in honour of Halloween, I have a confession to make. I'm a total scaredycat. I blame the combination of having an overactive imagination and being the youngest of three. Evil, evil older siblings. (Well, my sister was actually far and away the worst, but she maintains that's because our brother wound her up and she had to pass it on to someone. If this is true, I should really be meaner to babies than I am.)

The top 5 things that scare me are:

If I was reading this feature on some other blog, I'd be squinting in panic at the impending shark picture. But this is MY blog, therefore there will be no pictures of real sharks (cartoon sharks are allowed), because even pictures of sharks scare the crap out of me. Mostly it's because they look scary, and they can actually kill you (this: why I am not scared of UK-dwelling spiders), but I think the phobia lingers from the vague fear of something huge and unseen lurking beneath the surface and creeping towards you, slowly but surely. Scared now?*

The Dark
I hate the dark. I close my eyes as soon as the lights go out, and the main reason for this is so that I don't see... things. The thing is that I never have seen anything in the dark, which doesn't stop me being scared, it just convinces me that one day there really will be a face appearing out of the dark at the window, or behind me in the mirror, or some thing lurking around my bed in the middle of the night.

Such a ridiculous thing to fear, and yet... there's something about zombies that is way scarier than their horror cohorts. Vampires are sexy (I may not be a TwiFan, but I can appreciate Edward Cullen as much as the next girl) and werewolves are basically huge dogs, but zombies... not only are they walking representations of most people's biggest fear - death, that is - and hellbent on eating the brains of everyone... no, that's not the source of the fear. The fear is due to the fact that in every zombie movie ever, it starts with one, and it spreads. And spreads. Slowly but definitely surely, they're gonna get ya. And eventually you'll just have to give in.

Hey, parents everywhere - no child thinks that clowns are funny. They might act like they do when they're four, but in ten years time, that fun little trip to the circus will be a full blown phobia. You can't see what clowns are thinking under their masks (I'll tell you - murder) and they're probably hiding a full arsenal of weaponry in their big clownsuits and... they're just scary, okay? Once, my friend turned up to a fancy dress party in a clown outfit and no one talked to her all night, they were too scared. True story. I was there, and I stayed away.

Japanese horror**
I've only seen one Japanese horror film - the Grudge - but it was enough to convince me that I never need to see another one again, ever, ever, ever. And, actually, that was the American remake. But it scared the hell out of me. The scene with the... in the bed... god. And from what I hear about other Japanese horror films (and their remakes) - The Ring, A Tale of Two Sisters, etc... yeah, they're messed up. Stay away.

Sooo. What scares you?

* This gives me serious issues when alone in swimming pools.
** Sorry for the generalisation with the Japanese flag, but this seriously scared me way too much to google any more relevant images...


  1. I don't like horror movies, but I was dragged to The Ring, and it freaked me out for a whole week. I'll never watch it again.

    I'm also afraid of the dark, so I usually have a night light. Part of it is my bad eyesight which makes things blurry and more menacing than they really are.

  2. I saw the Grudge in 2007 and it STILL freaks me out! And there were two sequels I had to witness being advertised... urgh!

    I also have the eyesight problem, although everything is SO blurry that it doesn't really make it menacing, just not there. I just about manage without a nightlight!


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