Thursday 22 October 2009

That's the last thing I need...

...a new shop to get obsessed with. Online, no less, which is even more dangerous, as you end up buying way more than you need just to see it. Oh, ASOS, you take so much of my money.

But this post is not about ASOS. It's about
ModCloth, the fashion website that everyone else in the world is in love with and I have only just discovered. It's like they've reached into my head and pulled out all the things I love and turned it into a shop! There's even the octopus necklace I nearly bought last year (um, on ebay. Really cheaply. From Hong Kong. I bought this one instead though! And as it happens, wore it today.).

It's gorgeous. Full of quirky, vintage-style jewellery and stunning dresses, two of my favourite things. It even has a
vintage section! Granted, everything in it is sold out, but some of the stuff is amaaazing. Look! Look! Look! And look! And... okay, I don't get this so much. But keep looking! Wow!

Here are my 'If someone could just dump a few extra grand in my bank account please' picks... wonder what the shipping would be on these babies from the US?
*swoon* Gorgeous retro dresses. Couldn't you just imagine sipping iced tea on the veranda in any number of these?
I'm trying not to stare too hard at these because I want them all way too much. Especially the first one. And the second one. Oh, and the third one is green.

Feisty party dresses! I love the hemline on no.3.
Gorgeous skirts! How pretty is no.2?
They even sell quirky random things, like mittens in the shape of sharks. I'm terrified of sharks, but even I wouldn't mind these little guys keeping my hands warm.

I have a small robot obsession, ever since I missed out on New Look's adorable robot necklace last year. And this robot has a watch in it! And wow, this penguin key-topper would be such a great present for my best friend. Or anyone, really. Who doesn't love penguins?

I want the middle umbrella so much.

And finally, beautiful jewellery! Sigh.

Excessive? Yes. But this only a fraction of the stuff on Modcloth I'm coveting. And if you're lucky enough to live on the other side of the Atlantic, what are you waiting for? CLOTHES, people. And accessories! Go, shop!

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