Tuesday 23 February 2010

Currently blaring out my iPod...

So, the way I listen to music is by making playlists on my iPod of a bunch of albums, and then putting them on Shuffle. It works, because if there's music that I am obsessed with, I don't get sick of it because I get variety, but on the same token, I don't have to discard beloved tunes for the sake of new ones. So, yes, I'm STILL listening to Glee (the first soundtrack is by far the best) and Florence & The Machine.

But I have new stuff in there too! Behold...

The Young Knives
A year or so ago, I was so obsessed with the sheer genius of Turn Tail (me: ‘It's so much better than their normal stuff!') that I sought out their back catalogue. And was totally wrong - it's not so much better than their normal stuff at ALL, I've just been misjudging them all this time on the back of shouty numbers like Hot Summer. They're really, really good. I challenge you to listen to Voices of Animals and Men and not fall in love. Oh, and Superabundance.

I want to say they're like the new Klaxons, even though they don't really sound like the Klaxons at all. But they sort of remind me of them. Actually, they're more like if the Klaxons and the Friendly Fires had babies and their babies grew up to make an album. I'm listening to Doubt from the Acolyte album now to attempt to justify this statement, and yeah. I stand by it.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I resisted them for a long time, but after falling in love with Zero, Heads Will Roll and, from there, the It's Blitz! album, it was only a matter of time. After seeing them at Glasto last year, I was totally sold, and head over heels for Karen O. She's just so fricking cool.

Vampire Weekend
I had A Punk, from their debut, as my ringtone for nearly 2 years. It still makes me jump every time it starts. Such a good first album. Contra, the follow up, is really good, but I fall short of loving it as much as their first album. Still, Cousins and Holiday are good. Oh, and Horchata. Okay, actually, it is pretty good. It's just that my iPod keeps bringing up the song, Contra, and I find it boring, and because it shares a name with the album, I judge it unfairly.

The Drums
I know there's still snow on the ground (probably... somewhere), but it's such a good summer album! Which I imagine was their intent, given the title is Summertime. It's just a happy, retro, bouncy album, and I'm currently wishing and wishing that they'll play Glastonbury (apparently the Wombles are, you guys! Wow!). I love it so much I'm considering using one of their songs as my new ringtone. High praise indeed.

The Sunshine Underground
Raise the Alarm was one of my favourite albums a few years ago, and I recently reintroduced it to my playlist, because I was impatiently awaiting their new album, and ranting to anyone who would listen about the ridiculous wait for it, considering they played V last year, so they're obviously still together... and then I found out it was released last week. Yay! It's really good. Not such a great dancey album as Raise the Alarm, but still really, really good. Love. Them. In fact, somewhere out there is a video of me dancing and looking stupid in the front row of an XFM gig they did in 2006, and I'd really love to know if it's ever going to get dredged up.

Your turn now! Music recs? New and old?

In other news, I recently joined Deviant Art. If you're on there, come and say hi so I can add you! I am, predictably, essbeevee. I really want to put more of my drawings and makings on here in the future, and in fact am considering doing a bit of an arty giveaway on this blog soon, to celebrate hitting over 50 followers! (Thank you so much, by the way, I'm loving all the new bloggers I'm discovering lately!) What do you think, would you be interested?


  1. I love the Young Knives! Great picks, mean meaning to listen to Delphic. x

  2. Ah I do like the Young Knives. Haven't heard of a few of the others you mention (I'm so out of touch!) but I might well check them out.

    And an arty giveaway sounds fantastic :)

  3. Ah the Young Knives, seems years since I've heard them. I remember constantly listening to them and the SunshineUnderground in my first year of uni. Thanks for bringing back some memories. I'm off to make a playlist of my own ha x

  4. All the Young Knives love makes me happy. :)

    You should all indeed check out my recommendations! Gooood music. Makes a day of spreadsheeting much happier. :)


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