Saturday 6 February 2010

Books read... well, not all that recently.


I read twenty books in total in 2009. This is not a lot. Less than two a month. Considering I've been known to read five in a week before (my whole degree was based around my ability to read five books a week) this is pretty shocking. That said, we're coming into the second week of February and I am only halfway through the new Terry Pratchett. Which I started about two days after Christmas. Must make more time to read.
14 - Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay
I'm struggling to remember anything about this book. Shall we, instead, talk about how ace s4 of Dexter was? IT WAS SO ACE. Anyway, like the first Dexter book, this was somewhat underwhelming. I think it's just that the concept lends itself well to a TV show - you get the depth of emotions and ambiguities from the actors, and the supporting cast is more fleshed out - whereas in the book, it all comes off rather lifeless.
15 - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K.Rowling
I was actually reading this back in July, before seeing the film. It made me cry. So did the film. I miss new HP books.
16 - Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Gael Marquez
One of those books I read because I felt like I
should, y'know? It was good. But I didn't love it in the way that a lot of people loved it, even though I can kind of see why other people do.17 - Getting the Girl by Marcus Zusak
The Book Thief was one of my favourite books read recently. I also adored one of his other books, I Am The Messenger. But this was just... not the book I was hoping for. He'd raised my expectations, and I just found this sort of sweet and harmless, but forgettable.18 - Dawn of the Dumb by Charlie Brooker
I love Charlie Brooker. I picked this up cheaply in a random record store, and even though it was talking about TV that was on back in 2006, it was still hilarious. Charlie Brooker would be my ideal dinner party guest. For those who don't know, he's an acerbic TV critic. Who is also on TV now, too. He's hateful. I adore him.
19 - Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer
I know, I know. But I had to follow it through! I can't legitimately mock something without experiencing it firsthand! Anyway, it was long, and ridiculous, and I do not approve of 'fade to black' when you've been waiting for Stuff to happen. Also, Renesmee? Pchah. But, strangely, I sort of liked it too. Or maybe it was just the completist in me wanting to find out how it ended.
20 - A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray
Happily, the other books in this series are now sitting by my bed, waiting patiently to be read (seriously, I need to finish that bloody Terry Pratchett so I can find out what happens to Gemma!). Yes, so I really enjoyed this. It's set in a boarding school in the 1800s, and it all mysterious and fantastical and scary and a little bit sad, and I really really recommend it.

Next up...


What are you reading lately?


  1. I can't see any of your pictures - a problem with your blog or my browser?

  2. It's my problem - my website has gone down. I'm trying to get it back up at the mo but it'll probably take a few days to get sorted. Grrr!

  3. I also cried reading Harry Potter - I finished it on my lunch hour at work and had to go back to serving customers with red eyes...a good look haha!

    I'm reading The True Deceiver by Tove Jansson at the moment. She wrote the Moomin books, which I adored as a child and adore even more as a grown up(!), and this is one of her books for adults. I'm loving it so far, it's set in the winter in Sweden and it's nice to cuddle up and read under a blanket in this hideous weather!

  4. Oh, I loved the Moomin books! My Granny had loads of them (she had the best collection of weird children's books, my sister and I were reminiscing about them the other day. Must raid her bookshelf next time I visit...). I will check out that book on my next Amazon binge... I have a stack to read at the moment.

    I'm trying to finish Unseen Academicals as quickly as possible so I can get started on the rest of the Gemma Doyle books which are just SO good. But I'm just not finding the time to read at the moment. Lame!


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