Wednesday 10 February 2010

A pink and fluffy edition of links of the week...

As it turns out that my blog is going to be image-less until at least Monday (SIGH, and just when I got my layout looking all pretty!), I'm having to abandon my planned posts for now. So, I thought I would regale you with a long-awaited session of links of the week! Which, just to prove that first sentence wrong, WILL contain images, thanks to the Blogspot hosting feature. Which has about 1kb of memory left on it, hence, why I do not normally use it.

Whilst compiling this list I realised everything was rather pink and fluffy, so I therefore slap the tag on it of Valentine's. This is a Valentine's Themed Links Of The Week!
(Or, if you'd rather, not. Personally, I think Valentine's is rubbish. But I'm still allowed to link pink stuff. And cake. So there.)

Firstly, a blog that I discovered tonight that I think may become my new favourite blog. It's baking themed. God, I love baking. But it's more creative than the average blog, which appeals to the arty-miss in me. I want to make the heart cake so much.

From the awesome I Am Baker.

Secondly, if you're looking for amazing gift ideas, may I present my new favourite Etsy shop, due to the OMGTEHCUTEZ.

KnittingDreams makes me explode from the adorbs.

Okay, while we all love heart shaped fried egg pans (I do want one, I do! It was such a wrench to give one away as a Christmas present this year), I'm currently totally obsessed with the idea of coffee stencils. So cute! And reasonably priced!

From the aptly named CoffeeStencil.

These stunning cake and oreo truffles look so easy, I'm tempted to make a box just for me.

And finally, if you are stuck in on V-day this year, feeling single and sorry for yourself, why not make a Coconut Cream Pie... and relish the joy of not having to share it with anyone. (Sometimes being single isn't so bad. Boys eat an awful lot.)

And if you really can't stand the idea of Valentine's Day and want to ignore it altogether, don't worry - it's Pancake Day on Tuesday! Lingering New Year's diet forbids it, but I'm so, so, so tempted to celebrate by making a Crepe Cake.

Ah, like so many of my blog posts, this ends up being all about the cake. But it's SUCH good cake.

I plan to celebrate Valentine's by going shopping! Well, I've got no boys to buy for this year, so I might as well buy presents for someone... and I'm someone, right?

What are you up to this Valentine's?


  1. That heart cake looks amazing - I'll definately be trying that out!
    You've found some lovely but not too sickly cute Valentines presents, I especially love the coffee stencils!
    I agree - going shopping over Valentines sounds like an excellent idea! I however will be working :(

  2. OMG That bear is so amazingly cute i have to have it in my life.

  3. It's so cool, isn't it? How the hell does someone work out how to do that? AMAZING. It would be an awesome wedding cake, wouldn't it?

    Unless it comes in dessert form, I am not a sickly person. :) Working is lame. I will only be window shopping, because I get paid on Monday, so will probably only have about 20p to my name.

    Isn't it, Jacinta? They have loads on their site. I keep waiting for an excuse to buy one. Maybe someone will pick up on the hint though and get me one for my birthday. Which is ages away, but I believe in forward planning. :)

  4. that cake is AMAZING. looks too technical for me though!

  5. everything looks so delicious and beautiful!


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