Thursday 8 April 2010

Naked nails suck.

I have a confession to make. I’m completely and utterly addicted to nail polish.

Back when I was 11 or so, my friends and I used to haunt the nail polish stall at the local market. Three for £1? Don’t mind if I do! I used to collect them with such enthusiasm, I eventually had over 60. On non-uniform days at school, I’d haul my sack of nail polish in and we would all sit in our form room, doing our nails. This little ritual ended on the day that one girl spilt metallic purple nail polish all the way down her (frankly hideous) beige trousers. Oops.

I got over the crazy addiction, and for a while had a far more manageable collection. I’d do my nails vampy blue or purple for nights out, but it wasn’t a big thing. Then, a couple of years ago, I landed a job in the marketing department for a professional nail polish brand. It sounded like the dream job for a makeup junkie such as myself, but it was PROBABLY the worst job I’ve ever had (matched only by my time spent in the admin department of a large building society chain, spending three hours a day stuffing envelopes) - proof that it ain’t the product that matters in a job, it’s the people. But despite being miserable for six months and exercising vast restraint by not strangling my stupid boss every time he handed back a press release to me covered in red pen, one of the biggest perks was very, very cheap nail polish. My collection grew. Add to that the fact that part of my job was reading the buzz about us and our competitors on the blogs, I developed some serious colour-envy of the other big brands, mostly thanks to All Lacquered Up, PolishAddict and Scrangie.

Anyway, I left Worst Job Ever, arms full of cheap nail polish (not literally - although I was seriously tempted to do a supermarket sweep through the warehouse on my way out) and, with all loyalty to my ex-brand cast aside, I went straight out to buy lots of nail polish by other people. Oh, OPI. Could I love you more? And China Glaze, with your awesome consistency and incredible shimmers. And Essie! I - actually, I don’t really see what the fuss is all about, so far, but I want Lilacism.

The point of that unnecessarily long bit of exposition was to say... LOOK AT ALL MY NEW NAIL POLISH!!! AHHHH!!

If you’re as addicted as me to the good brands, find an American and latch yourself onto them. OPI costs £9.75 in England - in the States, it costs about $7. That’s a LOT less. About half the price (slightly less than, even!). With a handy American in place, you can get them to indulge your addiction for you! (Just offer chocolate in exchange - their chocolate SUCKS.)

I had a very lovely American visiting me a couple of weeks ago, and in preparation for her stay, I ordered an obscene amount of nail polish from and* and got it sent to her to bring over. Oh, OPI Alice collection. I think I love you most of all.

*But! The international shipping costs are often really not that bad!


  1. "Find yourself an american and latch onto them.." LOL I'll be on the lookout for people using me for my nailpolish..hehe. I agree with you though, I have been obsessed with nailpolish recently, I don't know what it is. Pretty pics..makes me want to buy more!

  2. Love the green one, it`s georgeous:)

    X Factory Girl

  3. I had no idea OPI is so expensive in the UK! I think I just discovered my new business model!

    WANT the glittery bronze and blues.

  4. Ohhh, pretty colours :) I got an OPI colour use don my nails in my mums salon and I am in love. Not really wanting to fork out nearly a tenner for one colour so Im tempted to go for the alice in wonderland mini set from asos! And since youve said the colours are amazing, youve just persuaded me even more :) xx

  5. OMG did you get Mad As A Hatter? It's looks so gorgeous!

    Your pictures are very artsy! Super pretty ^^

  6. Oh you're seriously tempting me to start purchasing OPI stuff - such amazing colours!

  7. Best post ever! I've stopped biting my nails after doing so since I could chew and now they're ALWAYS painted (it's a secret but I hope one day somebody will comment on how my nails are never bare). I've yet to induldge in any OPI goodness, but that day shall come very soon, promise!

  8. I haven't purchased OPI brand but they always have great colors. I tend to scratch and scuff my painted nails too much to buy the expensive brands....which is probalby why they scratch and scuff so much!

  9. I'm such a nail polish fiend, especially china glaze and opi!

  10. Love OPI, Jessica and Essie. All American I believe. *Sigh* At least we have Barry M! xx

  11. Oooh, a gorg collection. OPI nail varnishes are so lush! :)

  12. I've tagged you on my blog for an award!


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