Friday 30 April 2010

Plans for an unplanned weekend.

I'm so excited that it's the bank holiday weekend! Tonight I am enjoying doing nothing - catching up on blogs, painting my nails and watching Marie Antoinette (which I've been dying to do since I went to Versailles).

And then, once my nails are dry, I'll be packing a bag. Because I'm off to...

Brighton! I'm hopping on a train tomorrow to visit friends, and then on Sunday I'll be wandering along to Hove to an engagement do. Exciting!

(Taken last July - as my dear Nikon is still in the Camera Hospital).

On Monday, me and the Bestie are going to hit up some car boot sales and then if the weather isn't too hideous, I'm going to have a barbeque in my lovely garden.

Lovely! And the best part is, all of the above plans (except Sunday's party) are less than a week old - don't you just love it when an empty weekend suddenly fills up with loveliness?

What are you up to this weekend?



  1. I love looking at your photos Sarah, I hope your camera is fixed soon. I an dying to get a DSLR camera!!

  2. The photos make me so happy! I love Brighton & Hove, I hope the weather is good for you!

    And unplanned plans are the best! I love spontaneity.


  3. Fab photos! Love Brighton especially eating chips on the beach. Have fun!

  4. Oooh, sparkly nails! I love unexpected plans, and when certain events just fall into place as if they were meant to happen. Have a great weekend! xx

  5. ah that nail varnish is beautiful! i've never been to brighton but i would like to one day.

  6. Your photos are gorgeous!

    I saw your post in thehighstreet on LJ so thought I'd pop over and say hello!

    Which nail varnish is that? It's lovely!


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