Wednesday 14 April 2010

Versailles (and being a bad blogger)

I'm doing my best not to become a bad blogger right now - luckily I have a few posts backed up - but those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that outside of blogland, I'm kind of busy and stressed right now. Real life is dictating that I leave the house at just after 8am and get home just before 8pm (10pm tonight, actually), and the only thing I have energy for in the evenings is reading celebrity gossip and complaining how tired I am on Twitter. But hopefully - hopefully! - it won't last forever.

Another unfortunate event dooming my blog is that I am currently camera-less. I set up my tripod outside at the weekend to take some outfit photos, and when I popped inside for 5 minutes, the wind blew it over and broke the lens. Was quite surprised I didn't cry. But after an evening of working out how much I needed to shell out, I remembered that I took out insurance when I bought my beloved Nikon (probably because even before I bought it, I was calling it my 'beloved Nikon'). So it's currently with some nice men, being fixed, and during that time I am missing the chance to go up the lane and photograph new born lambs! Woe!

But enough of life stuff. I haven't forgotten about my Paris photos - I still have a few more posts to make. This one has taken
ages to put together - I took SO many photos - and even though I tried and tried to cut them down, I think this post holds my record for most pictures ever.

Versailles is about 45 minutes from the centre of Paris, and as a day trip, was actually pretty easy and inexpensive. I was so pleased we managed to fit in the time for a visit. It's
beautiful. I was a bit disappointed it was so busy, as I would have loved to have taken some photos of the house without lots of American and Japanese tourists in the way.

At first I thought the mirror above was just scratched by a bunch of tourists, but when you look closer... check the date out!

I'd love to revisit the gardens in late Spring or the Summer, when they're in bloom. They're still amazingly grand, but a lot of the statues were covered up and all the flowerbeds were empty, so it was a little disappointing. Fortunately, the gardens are free until mid-April, so it wasn't THAT disappointing. And like I said, still pretty.

Our favourite part was meeting Batman. This adorable kid kept us all amused in the queue rushing around in a cape (and also talking English in the cutest French accent ever). Amazing.



  1. Wow, what stunning photos! I'm very envious of your photography skills - all my travel photos (actually, all of my photos!) tend to be at a funny angle, slightly smudged or focusing on something entirely unintentional - yours are definitely album-worthy!

    Good luck with the busy busy :)


  2. Versailles is beautiful! I visited Versailles in March and didn't have the patience to fight with the hardcore tourists to snap any decent photos - yours are beautiful :) I love the scratched mirror as well :O I love seeing little pieces of history like that!

    Hope work gets a little bit easier for you soon :) XO

  3. Amazing photos, just beautiful! Thank you for sharing these!:D

    Batman seems like one adorable & cheerful kid!:D

    Hope you are having a lovely week!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. Mm, gorgeous photographs. I've been to Paris a billion times, but never considered going to Versailles before. Shall definitely make the effort next time. Wonderful.


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