Friday 14 May 2010

Girlcrush: Emma Pillsbury (or You Can Never Own Enough Cardigans)

I've commented before about how in love with Glee I am. Sure, it's not the show it was at the start - it's lost most of the dark humour - but I'm a sucker for musicals. They just make me HAPPY.

Whenever I've seen her in shows before, I've fallen a bit in love with Jayma Mays (Heroes! Pushing Daisies! How I Met Your Mother! And even though she played a bitch in Ugly Betty, she was so cute! And got to make out with HENRY. Oh, Henry.).

But it took the adorable, obsessive compulsive, impeccably turned out Emma Pillsbury to propel her to full-blown girlcrush.

I know a lot of people criticise matchy-matchy fashion, but I've always been a sucker for it. Plus, the accessories! You never see Emma without a cute necklace or vintage-inspired brooch. And you NEVER see her in trousers. My kind of girl, basically. She's my new workwear inspiration.

LOVE that green blouse and the PPQ-esque cardigan.

I wish I could make my hair do this:

I wish I could pull off yellow:

But mostly, I wish I had her entire wardrobe. I'm in love with her cardigan collection.

Oh, and her coats.

And hats.

This scene still makes me squeal.

How adorable are these chain brooches? I WANT THE OWL ONE.

And finally, I wish I had the hips to pull off a red pencil skirt. God, she accessorises it so beautifully. I love how that flower brooch brings together all the colours of her outfit, especially. Plus, I'm unnaturally fond of TV characters who wear the same thing more than once,
just like real people.

And really finally, unlike that fake finally a second ago, I want this wedding dress.

And to be a redhead.

(Oh, and it's unanimous - the full fringe returneth! Appointment is booked for next week.)

Screencaps from toxic_caps, rawr_caps and killmotion.


  1. Emma! So preciously adorable. I could never pull off a wardrobe so quaint, but you absolutely could.

    I miss the dark humor. But I still love the show!

  2. She is so perfect. I love her clothes too x

  3. I LOVED the first season of Glee, but I'm struggling with the new one - it seems like they're trying too hard with things - making a point out of all the things that were quite subtle in the past and hamming it up! I'll keep watching though in the hope that it calms down a bit and gets back on form and I do love seeing what Emma is wearing each week :)

  4. I adore her and wish I had her whole wardrobe too!! I have also wanted to be a redhead for about 6 years now but don't dare dye my hair in case it looks ridic!

  5. I <3 her wardrobe too!:D

    Have a great weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  6. You could rock her wardrobe.

    ...And I wish I could be a redhead too. I'd like to dye mine auburn to try it out.

  7. Haha this post made laugh! She is gorgeous! I loved that Eiffel Tower cardi she wore and I want her cute little voice x

  8. I love cardigans! And I've only recently joined the glee bandwagon again after loosing interest for a while but Im glad Im watching again. I love the eiffel tower cardi too :) shes such a pretty little thing xx

  9. Ahhh win win win! I love Miss Pilsbury! And cardigans - my collection is growing by the day :)

    Sarah x

  10. She is gorgeous. And adorable.

  11. I absolutely adore her and have loved her in all the shows I've seen her in. Her personality is always so cute (even when she was a meanie in Ugly Betty) and her clothes are just as adorable! x

  12. Oh she's just brilliant isn't she? I loved her in HIMYM - I was hoping she's be in more than the one episode.

  13. I hate to admit that I've never heard of her or any of her shows...slinks off into the corner in embarrasment.
    She is such a cute little thing though and sure rocks pussy bow blouses!

  14. i've never watched glee but i do admire her style, especially that eiffel tower cardigan!

  15. i don't watch glee but her outfits are fabby!


  16. She is my absolute favourite!


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