Monday 3 May 2010

A rootin' tootin' carbootin' Monday.

I've been meaning to do some carbooting for a while, especially ever since I've started reading lots of your lovely blogs! All your fantastic finds are so inspiring.

Anyway, once the rain had stopped this morning, my friend and I headed off. The sale we went to is on every Sunday (from midday onwards - gotta love a non-early start!), and we actually sold there once last year. I wasn't really sure what to expect, as it seemed really mixed the last time we went, but I was pleasantly surprised, and picked up some lovely things. I did, however, leave behind a stunning black and gold vintage typewriter (the person manning the store was aware that it was worth around the £70 mark - shame!) and a set of Keypers that I wanted desperately when I was 7. I was also wondering if I would run into a
fellow blogger on my travels - unfortunately we just missed each other!

At the very first stall, I found this...

I have a bit of a thing for vintage suitcases, and this cost just one shiny pound. And the lady I bought it from told me it's from the 1950s. So cool.

I then, in quick succession, purchased these two vintage cameras.

The Nikkorex was £5 (steep for a carbootie, but I fell in love with it), and the Kodak Brownie was a bargainous £1.50. I can't wait to try them out... if they actually work, that is!

I left this sewing box when I first saw it, then came back to it about ten minutes later to find out the price. £2!! I can keep so much stuff in it. If there's one thing I have a lot of, it's BITS.

This stack of over fifty Puddle Lane books cost me a fiver. I am currently my niece's favourite person as she wades through them. I debated this purchase, but I couldn't leave them - they were my favourite books as a child, and we'll keep them forever.

I wish Penguin would repackage all their books in this style. These were 25p each (I don't think the stall owner realised how cultish the covers have become). I actually really like that they're battered.

And finally...

...always going to come in useful. 10p.

God, I love carbooting. All that, and change from a twenty pound note. AMAZING. I sense the start of an exciting new addiction.


  1. really lovely post hun :) such great finds!
    i don't think we have car boot sales in the US, but we have garage sales & i can't wait till it gets warmer & they all start up! xxx

  2. ahhh i love those penguin books! i need to go carbooting i think!

  3. Oooh great finds! Which carboot did you go to? I'm going to be dragging my mother around some soon hopefully :) XO

  4. The sewing box was a super bargain, I'm still in hopes of find one just like it one day :)
    Great blog!

  5. You got some lovely finds!

  6. Fabulous finds! I adore Penguin books and you're totally right, they're far better when they're a bit bashed about.

  7. I am so jealous! the car boot I stopped by was crap!

  8. Such great finds!

    I am so jealous of the sewing box and the suitcase! lovely stuffs.

    I saw that cocktails book and was considering buying it! Haha :D

  9. Thanks everyone! x

    Ah, Ellie, we must have literally walked past each other!! (Maybe it was when I was trying to stop my umbrella from flying away) Am sure I'll run into you sooner or later, especially as I've recently discovered how awesome the car boots of Hertfordshire are!! I can't wait to make some retro cocktails... although I still haven't actually looked to see when the book was printed!

  10. aaw, i have that exact same sewing box! :) i've not seen another one before, haha. mine is full of glitter, ribbons and bows, hehe. certainly useful to have around. x)

  11. That sewing box is actually amazing!


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