Tuesday 11 May 2010

A deep and serious matter.

Friends, I am engaged in INNER TURMOIL right now. And OUTER. And the source of this turmoil?

My hair. Or, more specifically, my fringe.

See, for YEARS I debated getting a fringe, and held back, mostly because my hair is thick and wavy and unpredictable and I had no idea if it would work or not. Eventually, one day, I threw caution to the wind, and armed with
this photo of Anne Hathaway, visited the hairdresser and received a rather nice sideswept fringe (actually nothing like the picture I brought, but still nice!).

Anyway, I never looked back, and my fringe got thicker and thicker until last year, I had it cut into a blunt, full fringe, which I loved.

(I also really, really love that nail polish.)

But it grows so damn fast, and looks messy so quickly, and I kind of hate going for fringe trims (is it just me who would rather they charged a flat fiver for it rather than saying they're free? It opens up a whole world of confusion about tipping and stuff), so after my last cut, I let it grow, and am now in possession of a sideswept fringe again.

But with another hairdressing appointment imminent, I am faced with a debate. Sideswept or full?

What do you think?


  1. full! I like it full, but I know how much of a pain full ones are. Im going back to full at my next appointment. I hate when your on a night out and you had to use all sorts of contraptions to keep your fullfringe off your sweaty face :( But still... FULL FRINGE!

  2. I think both look lovely on you, but I prefer the full!

  3. The full fringe looks lovely on you! I know what you mean about the trimming issue though haha, always a dilemma :/ XO

  4. I vote full too. Have you tried trimming yourself? (lol, just don't blame me if you do and it goes horribly wrong) I do my own and I haven't screwed them up too badly yet.


  5. You look lovely in both but personally I think the full fringe, too.
    I completely understand where you're coming from on the trim, I used to feel so embarrassed getting a free trim, like I was taking advantage or being really picky.

  6. I think full fringe - I had one for years without realising that it didn't really suit me so I think girls that really do suit them (ie you!) should definitely keep them :)

  7. full fringe definitely! I haven't been the hairdressers for a while so mine is sideswept but I always go back to full!

  8. Full!! Have you tried trimming it yourself? That's what I do (with varying results, but most of the time it looks fine!!) xx

  9. I prefer the full, it really suits you!

  10. I've got full front bangs and I love tehm. It requires less make-up as my forehead is always covered! I've learned to trim it myself, thereby avoiding awkward tipping confusion.


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