Sunday 4 July 2010

Glastonbury is the best place in the world.

The more I think about this year's Glastonbury, the more I think it might have been the best one ever. I missed the rain, a little - mostly when I was frantically looking for shade as I felt my skin pricking and burning after spending more than five minutes in the sun. And on Friday, when I had to miss most of the bands because I got sunstroke. Sunstroke is rubbish, in case you didn't know that.

But being too hot and too ill to touch alcohol most of the weekend (so much undrunk cider! Woe!) was a small price to pay for such an incredible time. Ray Davies was incredible (nothing beats singing Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon in the middle of a group of people... on a sunny afternoon), as was Stevie Wonder (when he got the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to Glastonbury, I cried a little bit). Muse were awesome (although the epic performances of their earlier stuff just served to point out how rubbish their new album is in comparison) as were Two Door Cinema Club, Miiike Snow, We Are Scientists and Shakira.

There's nothing like a Glastonbury sunset...

...or Glastonbury food. The fajitas are legendary.

Where else can you find a... a Geisha stand in the middle of a field?

Or a multicoloured elephant?

Or any of this random, weird loveliness?

My New Look satchel was the perfect size and held up brilliantly to being massively over-filled.

And Sha's little red backpack (which cost her 50p from a car boot!) was ideal, and envied by all. Well, me. So cute!

The dust, I think, kept my hair from getting greasy, although slight quiffing and lots of braiding kept it off my skin, which I'm sure helped. Plus, cute accessories.

That said, when I looked in the mirror at the service station on the way home, I did recoil in horror. Not good. We ended the weekend with sparklers and sky lanterns at the Stone Circle, and took in the view one last time.

And while I think doing it for more than five days would kill me, as soon as I've got home, showered and experienced the delights of a mattress again, I'm dying to get back there.

Glastonbury. You're utterly, utterly insane. Filthy. Unexpected. Joyous. Magical. Can we do it again next month please?

By the way, I'm still adding away to eBay - check out my listings!


  1. Oh my gosh I love your blog so much. All of these photos are so magical :) So glad I found it today! Have yourself a great weekend. x

  2. Ah that geisha tent was next to the cabaret tent wasn't it? I spent a lovely hour in the shade there!

    Fab photos x

  3. That all looks absolutely amazing :)

    The more I see & hear about Glastonbury, the more I want to experience it for myself! Ah, maybe next year..

    I spoke to a group of girls on Friday night that turned up to their Yr 11 prom, still with their Glastonbury armbands & flowery headbands on (plus some cracking tan lines!) - they'd had an amazing time too - Stevie Wonder was their favourite!

  4. Beautiful images. We sat watching it from the sofa and made a pact to go next year. Amazing stuff. x

  5. Oh your hair looks lovely in those pictures! Beautiful pictures as always, I was so shocked that there was no rain for Glasto weekend :O x

  6. Wasn't it the best ever? You look fab with your hair like that, love it.
    Thanks for sharing your pix and helping me relive the weekend.
    I stay in a crazy village in Goa where the main street is known as "Glastonbury Street". With the weather as glorious as it was I felt like I was back there (minus the naked dreadlocked guys, sadly).
    Fancy you spotting me, I kept looking out for you. I saw a couple of those denim dresses but neither wearer was as pretty as you.

  7. Gorgeous photos, I wish I'd been organised and got festival tickets this year!

  8. Fabulous photos :) Seems like you had a wonderful time, even with the sunstroke!

  9. oh wow i am so jealous of your glasto adventure
    im not really a festival kinda person but i would have loved to have gone to glasto this year
    im a new follower by the way:)
    i love your blog
    belle xx

  10. your pictures are just lovely they are!

  11. Lovely weekend I bet - so jealous I wasn't there this year!

    Maybe see you next year?

    Lou x -


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