Wednesday 7 July 2010

Will you walk into my parlour, said the spider to the fly.

So the house is ours! All this week I've been back and forth - decorating there but sleeping here (plus working full time...). The tenants have left it in a complete state, which was kind of them (grrr).

The plan is to be moved in by the weekend - fingers crossed. But before I started packing up my room (which I'm totally doing at the last minute - the benefits of moving out of your parents' house), I took a few photos. It's strange to think it'll never look like this again.

I'm fond of my little room - it's very small and narrow, but when we moved, 5 or 6 years ago, my parents made an effort to squeeze all my stuff in. Lots of bookshelves, a desk, and two fitted wardrobes helped a lot. My bestie, Sha, always says my room is a bit of a treasure trove, packed to the rafters with STUFF.

I love my makeup box. I picked it up in a craft store last year, and it's the perfect size. I love that I have an eyeliner drawer (and yes, I have an insane Urban Decay addiction).

I ran out of space in my wardrobe to store my shoes neatly, so I started using them as bookends. GENIUS. Especially for those shoes which are pretty but uncomfortable.

I've been having major issues finding a new desk. It's where I spend most of my time. *hugs desk*

Probably my favourite thing is my hooks. I really, really wanted hooks and they have come in so handy. I wouldn't be without hooks now. HOOKS.

I think I'll miss the view most of all. I LOVE my view. More on the view later...

And finally, I just want to demonstrate the power of the close-up. This was the actual state of my room when I took these photos. It is not tidy right now.



  1. Those silver shoes - gorgeous!! I wish I had a view like that outside my bedroom window - all I can see from mine is the tops of rows of back to backs :(

  2. oh i love this post
    it allows me to have a good nosey!
    all your jewellery is making me envious doll
    belle xx

  3. Ohh I felt like this when I came back from university! Just think how nice it will be in your new little abode! I love the power of the close-ups ha!

    Sarah x

  4. Love this post! I'd love to pop round and rummage through all that stuff laid out so invitingly.
    You've got a great eye for pretty things so your new pad's going to be divine.

  5. I am in constant awe of your beautiful photography Sarah. But bless you for showing the messy photo, it makes me feel so much better!

  6. I wish I'd taken pictures as I was packing stuff away. My old room looks very empty and sad now whenever I go back to visit...

  7. I love your flower headpiece... I have a purple one from Latitude! All your bits and bobs are gorgeous. And wow: that view!

  8. I want a stream outside my window! so jealous. I love it all, and I love hooks too! I need morrreeee!

  9. Lovely photos!!
    I can't believe how many Urban Decay eyeshadows you have! Crazy!! heehee.

  10. so cute. love those red shoes on display! <3 happy packing!

  11. Good luck with the move! I hope that all goes to plan :)

    And shoe bookends?! Ingenious! I just use two tins of spam lol.

  12. i spy lots of cookbooks that are also on my shelves too hehe.


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