Wednesday 8 September 2010

Cry me a river.

Okay, how many times have I claimed to be nearly back? But I officially am now - I'm writing this from my living room! Finally, we are connected! There was some issues with cables and stuff and it's astonishingly boring.

Anyway, I'm running out soon to London for what promises to be a VERY exciting evening (more on that later!) but I couldn't neglect my blog a moment longer.

Even though we've been moved for a while, I'm still popping in to my parents' house every five minutes. I actually don't miss the house all that much (it's COLD) but one thing I do miss is THAT view.

It's funny, when we moved into this house a few years back, we came very close to buying a house over the road (I say we, like I contributed any money at all to it) but got gazumped at the last minute. So my parents took a look at the smaller house over the way, and as soon as they stepped outside, they were sold.

This house suits them so well - it's quirky, cosy and cottagey - I couldn't imagine them in the other house. And even on a grey day, the view is beautiful. The river runs through our local town - it's just luck that our garden backs onto it.

This is my dad's studio. He's a kick-ass artist.

We've had no bird life this year, which is really odd - we normally get visited by a heron, a kingfisher, a swan and loads of ducks and geese. And ducklings!

Once I came out of my backdoor and was met by this:

And when it's foggy, it goes all Wuthering Heights. Caaathyyy! (Who am I kidding, I haven't read it.)

And when it snows, it looks

But it's best in the sunshine, for sure.

Bye bye, garden! I'll come visit! (And yes, parents, I guess I can visit you too...)

Finally, these are my cats.

Right, sorting out this moptop that I call hair now for tonight but I will be back again tomorrow. I can't wait to catch up on all your fabulous blogs!



  1. Those photos are entrancing and I need to visit that garden..... so much detail and charector.... WOW!

  2. Wow, that house is amazing! I love all of it. The garden, the river, your dad's studio.
    Lovely photos and a lovely post :)

    Although Wuthering Heights is a classic, it is a toughie. I live near Bronte country so it often looks like that in the winter too! xx

  3. Ooh your parents' house is so beautiful, I'm so jealous of those views from the garden with the river 'n all! And yay for Internet! xx

  4. What a view - where abouts is the house in the country? It's my dream to live in a house like that! Lovely cats too (I have 3) lol..

  5. Stunning photos! What a gorgeous location - they definitely made the right choice in picking that house.

  6. gorgeous views! And I haven't read Wuthering Heights either :-)

  7. That is just SO cute! I am insanely jealous and your dad's paintings are just perfect.

  8. Gosh your parents garden looks like such a magical place! :)

  9. Welcome back! Glad to hear you are now connected :)

    Can totally see why you'd miss that view - what an utterly gorgeous garden?!

  10. Ohhh serious house envy! I can't wait to move out of my parents, but I know I'll miss it when I finally go! Have seen you Twittering about this evening - hope you had fun times!

    Sarah x

  11. Aww, I love your photography. Your pictures of the garden make me happy. Just what I needed today.

  12. cute kitties! Very lovely house x

  13. Sarrraahhh! This post is lovely. Ed has a similar garden with a river running through it, beautiful. And the ducklings! :D


  14. Beautiful photography as always and a divine house. The kitties are just beautiful.
    Great to have you back in blogsphere. I spotted you on Eleanor's post. xxx
    PS I'm a Size 6 too!

  15. Beautiful photos! Wuthering Heights is one of my favourite books, and I highly reccommend it :)

  16. these photos are beautiful and wuthering heights is my all time favourite x

  17. This house and these photos are absolutely awesome! And the ducklings have made my evening! x


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