Friday 13 May 2011

We should swim in a fountain, do not want to disappoint anyone.

I've been holding this dress back for a little while. You see, I've been wearing it for the last few months with black tights, a top underneath and a cardigan. And it looked NICE... but, you know when you can just feel that something isn't reaching its full potential? Like wearing a fabulous, tulle-skirted mini dress with ankle socks and trainers. I'm sure someone could pull it off, but a dress like that deserves heels and big hair. Right?

And this? This is a SUMMER dress. It needs bare skin and sunglasses. Anything else is just not letting this dress be what it's supposed to be.

I wasn't really sure about it when I first bought it - it was a total bargain in the Warehouse sale - but it's become a wardrobe staple, especially since the weather has got warmer. I know everyone always says that their hemlines go up when the weather gets warmer, but mine go down. Without the security of opaque tights, I like to show a little less leg. And this is the perfect length, the perfect fit and the perfect cut. Every time I wear it, it gets compliments (even if the print reminds me a little of carpets) and, yeah. J'adore.

I wore this to the Tabio blogger event last night and decided to boldly accessorise it with one of those trendy hairscarf things (although I ended up tucking the bow under my hair). It's actually the belt that came with the dress - I NEVER wear these, and half the time end up throwing them away - I just prefer how a normal belt looks (I also always cut waist ties off dresses). But I like utilising it in this way, it matches so well!

I had a lovely night hanging out with some of my favourite bloggers - more on that soon!

Dress - Warehouse
Shoes - Bertie
Belt - New Look
Necklace - Ebay
Nails - 'Prize Winning Mare' by OPI

I am also finally modelling my Bertie shoes. Aren't they gorgeous? Even though the dress has no brown in it, I think they match perfectly - and despite the epic heel, they're surprisingly comfortable. LOVE. Plus they make me so tall! Well, average-sized.

Hello, shoes!


  1. Stunning, suits your figure so well. So jealous of your curves. You have such good proportion. Xxxx

  2. Holy shitsticks missy, you're bloody stunning! I also absolutely love that dress. It suits your gorgeous figure so well! Looking fiiiiine. I also like your shoes. Very cute!

  3. Love this dress! It's so perfect for summer. It definitely needs some gorgeous sunglasses. And love the hair band you wore with it. This is a perfect outfit.

  4. You are blimmin' beautiful Sarah (: Such a gorgeous dress, and I love the idea of using the belt as a hair thingymajig! xxxx

  5. Oooh gorgeous dress. Love the feeling of being able to wear something to it's full potential even when it looks nice as it was. Amazing shoes too.

  6. YOu look amazing in this dress!
    I found it amazingly cheap in the warehouse sale too, love it! And to start with I wasn't too sure either...but the print is so lovely :)

  7. That dress is absolutely perfect for your figure, you look beautiful! xx

  8. The dress looks great here, and great in person too!

    Sorry I never said goodbye properly on thursday, but it was lovely to see you!

  9. Such a gorgeous dress on you! I love your hair :) xx

  10. And once again I have another favourite from you. And this time I mean it.

  11. so pretty, suits you & the shoes very well.

  12. You looked beautiful in this the other night, absolutely lovely!

    Maria xxx

  13. You look gorgeous, ANND I so approve of wearing waist belts tied in your hair. I do it quite a lot. "Matchy-matchy" is a good look!


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