Wednesday 25 May 2011

Try to imagine it as an adventure, all sorts of things might happen.

The Railway Children is my favourite film of all time. I have such fond memories of watching it. Christmas Day, after too much food, semi-dozing in front of the TV. Off sick from school, watching our battered video of it. Or every time I catch it on TV, and have to drop EVERYTHING to watch it - even after I bought it on DVD. It may be marketed as a children's film, but don't underestimate it. It's perfection.

I can't think of another film that's so... TANGIBLE. I really feel like I could reach out and touch the items on screen. The apple pie looks like the best apple pie you'll ever eat. I can almost TASTE the iced buns. The crackle of the paper, the feel of the red petticoats, the roar of the steam trains. I'm sure part of this feeling is from watching it from such a young age - films always seem more REAL as a child - but I watch it now, as a fully-fledged adult (sort of) and it all comes flooding back.

"Pie! Apple pie!"

The cinematography is amazing, too - so many quirky camera angles, and so much detail in every single scene.

It's a gorgeously shot film - the costumes are stunning, the scenery so lush, and the colours so vibrant. Jenny Agutter and Dinah Sheridan are both heartbreakingly beautiful - so refined and elegant, whereas the other children and the supporting cast are just so well suited to their roles. I love that it's a film that's not about a great deal. There are no crazy escapades. Things happen, things run their course. They deal with some blows, but they pick themselves up and make the best of it.

Oh, Phyllis. Ever cheerful. You're my favourite.

Bobby, why are you so awesome?

I hope you are all appreciating what a fierce madam the kids' mum is. Check out that hat.

Need that dress, please.

I was totally fascinated with the scene where Bobby gets herself party-ready. Taking off her apron to show her pretty lilac dress underneath and changing her bow. I wanted to wear aprons!

The thing with a film like this, especially such a moving film, is that I choke up from the moment it begins because I know what's going to happen. I was trying to describe the 'Daddy, my Daddy' scene to my friend a little while ago and actually started crying because the emotion in that scene is so powerful. Hell, I blubbed going through the screencaps (no, really). 

It's a beautiful, moving story, and if you're trying to think of a film to watch at any time ever, except maybe when you've just done your eyemakeup, watch this one, because it's amazing. Flawless. I will not hear a word against it.

Screencaps taken & edited by me.


  1. Fab, fab, fab film! I too love it!

    My drop everything film has to be Annie though! Still can't help but watch it whenever it's on the tv! I wore out 2 videos when I was younger I watched it that much!

  2. Aww you brought back so many childhood memories with that post, such a lovely film xx

  3. completely agree. this film is amazing, as is the book.
    never fails to make me cry and i wouldn't want it any other way!


  4. I've always wanted to just run along the platform at the train station shouting 'DADDDYYYYYY, MY DADDYYYYY' but I didn't think anyone would get it. I like the fact that you would. Ah, I love this film.

  5. I always cry at "Daddy! Its my Daddy" without fail.

    I love it! Its the best film. I wasn't too keen on the remake but liked the fact Jenny Aggater played the mother.

    Good choice!

  6. The Railway Children is just the most amazing book ever, and the film is so good as well. It's definitely one of my favourites, up there with The Secret Garden and Ballet Shoes!

  7. Aww, nice film. I completely idolised the book when I was little. Can I tell you an embarrassingly funny story? I was on holiday with two of my best friends, who were sisters, we were aged about 8 and 10, and we were playing the stream that ran along the bottom of the garden of the cottage where we were staying. It was an idyllic Shropshire village, one of those 'untouched by modernity' type places, and as we were pretty old-fashioned children (I'd never even HEARD of Smash Hits or Take That until I went to secondary school!) we were having the time of our lives splashing about in this stream, pretending we were the Railway Children and ad-libbing scenes about being the Railway Children playing in a stream. It was the 90s, so we were obviously wearing t-shirts, shorts and jelly shoes, and some local man walked past us, just as one of us (probably me!), 'in character', exclaimed "Oh, bother these everyday frocks, my apron's simply soaked!" We got a very funny look indeed!

  8. That's exactly how I feel about Mary Poppins. I will not hear a bad word said about it, I just won't.

  9. Oh wow I haven't seen this in soo long!! You've made me want to curl up on the sofa and watch it now lol

  10. I love, love, love this post. Every time I watch this film, I convince myself that I won't cry at the "Daddy, my daddy" part, and every time I get choked as soon as everyone starts waving at the from the train. Gosh, I'm welling up just thinking about it! xx

  11. I love the book and the film is also fab, it's the Daddy scene which gets me EVERY TIME :'(

    Maria xxx

  12. Thanks so much for sharing this. The Railway Children was my mum's favourite film and I have many a fond memory of rainy days in the school summer holidays watching it. I totally agree it is beautifully shot film. It has something for everyone. I've even been for a ride on a steam train where it is filmed!

  13. You'll probably be appalled but I've never seen this! I'll make it my mission for this bank holiday weekend!

  14. I love it too :) thanks for bringing my childhood back! This, The Secret Garden and A Little Princess, I loved them all!


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