Friday 3 June 2011

It was acceptable in the eighties.

You know how I keep saying that I have so much fun stuff going on at the moment? Well. As you read this, I am in Tuscany, no doubt getting slowly drunk on champagne, getting excited about the wedding of one of my best friends tomorrow (I love a wedding). But even without weddings, the last couple of months have been crazy fun.

So I thought I'd schedule this week's Friday Frock with that in mind. My friends are all starting to turn 30, and I had my first 30th bash last week. It was ACE. Being born in the 80s is an excellent opportunity to celebrate that decade, and celebrate we did. I was struggling to find something to wear, though, but at the last moment, my lady Amy came forward, proffering the most awesome, incredible, exactly-what-I-imagined-wearing-in-my-wildest-fantasies 80s prom dress.

Isn't it fantastic?


This is a dress which has never heard the term 'natural fibres', is kind of horrendously tacky, insanely pouffy and meant that on the long tube ride from Kings Cross to Clapham, I got a lot of stares.


I love the colour. I love the cut. I love the bow. I love the petticoat. I love the asymmetrical hem. I love the shoulders. I LOVE THIS DRESS.

I really struggled with  my hair, but after playing around with some mousse for a while, I realised that my hair in its natural state, is pretty damn 80s, so I just scrunched it up until it could take no more, twisted up my fringe and gripped it all to the side with a giant bow. Love it.

Sadly, I have to return the dress to its rightful owner, but not without giving it its very own FriFro. And I'm sure that wearing a dress this awesome is why my night was so ace (and also, I guess, my friends kind of helped). Genuinely, guys. 80s parties. We need more of them.

Dress - Vintage (borrowed)
Shoes, earrings & heart ring - Primark
Other ring - Topshop
Bangles - H&M, Poundland
Bow - Claire's Accessories
Nails - Model's Own Bubblegum


  1. I love the 80s so much, I think my perfect day would consist of curling up and just having an 80s movie marathon. SAVE FERRIS! Your shoes are amazing and that dress is such an amazing colour on you. Looks and sounds like you had an amazing time (minus the public transport stares!) x

  2. haha, this post is brilliant. you look amazing, sarah! the dress, your hair, eveything! your eye makeup is beautiful, too.

    i hope you are having the most lovely time in tuscany!


  3. Well you know I have love for all things born in the eighties - and this dress is definitely at the top of my list! It really is absolutely stunning!

  4. Oh man, that party is sheer genius! The sweets alone would sell it for me, but everyone looks amazing. The stockbroker guy is hilarious!

    And that dress deserves more love than just for an 80's party. So pretty.

  5. Hooray for the 80s! You look AMAZING!

    Maria xxx

  6. You look amazing, so eighties, this post made me smile so much. It looks like it was a great party!

  7. amazing dress, its exactly like something they would wear in an 80s flick about going to prom or something! the party looks like it was loads of fun. whoever came as a rubiks cube is an absolute legend! xx

  8. wow great pictures! totally 80's! xx

  9. I just turned 30 :) so i'm an 80s child myself so i really loved the look of this party it looks like soo much fun xx

  10. Your pics look ace! I LOVE the birthday cake (brings back lots of memories of childhood birthday parties!!) and what a fab dress! :)

    Clare x

  11. An 80's party sounds like so much fun, and love the dress! It's so perfectly 80's.

    Hope you enjoy Tuscany.

  12. You look the part amazingly well! I love it all. It kinda looks like if I lit a match you'd go up in flames instantly, haha. I frickin' love the 80s! I hope you're having an amazing time at the wedding (:

  13. you still look freaking awesome!

  14. Looks like such a BRILLIANT night. love it! x

  15. 80-palooza! Love it. Also I must steal the rubix cude's leggings

    Bright Green Laces

  16. So jelly that you're in Tuscany & that dress is amazing!

  17. You. Look. ACE! I love it on you - and I lovelovelove the candy necklace photo!



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