Thursday 16 June 2011

Lighten up, it's gonna brighten up.

One of my favourite things about Aussie shampoo and conditioner is how rich and moisturising it is. If my hair is looking a bit frazzled, or I want a super sleek do that's gleaming with health, I always wash it with Aussie first. It's ace, but so moisturising that I can't use it every day because my hair would just get weighed down with it. So - probably not just because of me, but I like to think it was - Aussie have brought out a new range called Lusciously Light, which is - you guessed it - light enough to use every day.

 But the best thing with Aussie is that they're never content to just launch a new shampoo, they have to organise lots of fun stuff all around it. So, firstly, all the Aussie Angels got a special delivery of a helium balloon to work (we kept mine around the office for a little bit and then all ended up doing silly high pitched voices, because you kind of have to.)


Then we had to choose our challenge - did we want to lighten our style or ourselves? I chose self because I'm fairly happy with my hairstyle, which meant that I got sent off on boot camp with lots of other bloggers!

It was actually really fun - they did work us hard with an aerobics class and a yoga class that made me hurt for DAYS afterwards, but we were given yummy healthy food to eat and had a good giggle and did our bodies some good too. Plus, I had a lovely time hanging out with some of my favourite bloggers, Jen, Harriet, Lil, Kristabel, Maria, Sherin and Maria!

Pics from Uncover Aussie.


  1. aaah, your pics are so cute! I didn't get any decent ones at all, I was gutted, but I had such a good time anyway!

  2. It was so much fun! It felt good to be all healthy for a day, and it's encouraged me to lighten up my life a bit as well. Hope to see you at te next Aussie event, next week.

  3. Your day looks so much fun! Jealous you got to hang out with such lovely bloggers.
    I love the new lighter versions, Aussie but a bit lighter, perfect!!

  4. I had so much fun! I wish you were coming to the party next week :(

    Maria xxx

  5. This looks like such a fun day! :D loving seeing all the Aussie Angels post about their lusciously light activities :) x


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