Monday 20 February 2012

Two left feet, I had no beat.

On the happy occasions when I'm asked to review a product for the blog, I normally try and go for something that I'll get a lot of use out of. But sometimes I just have to give into my more frivolous impulses and go for something that's just damn PRETTY.

Sure, open toed shoes are not the most practical choice for a February shoe. But I don't have a pair of nude heels, and when I saw the design - as if someone had doodled all over them - I couldn't resist.

They're by Iron Fist and are from Fyfo, which is a great site for all your shoe, bag and perfume needs. I was basically drawn to them because the name sounds like FriFro, but they also have a flipping HILARIOUS Twitter which is so rare for a brand. I follow quite a lot of brands who are obviously written by a real person (the automated ones get unfollowed pretty sharpish) but there aren't many that actually try to be hilarious. I approve.

I'm sure the shoes will be featuring in many an outfit post when the weather gets a bit warmer, but for now, I'm going to pop them on a shelf and admire the pretty from afar.

Oh, that? That's a duck.


  1. Oh my god, they are beautiful.

    1. I can't leave a normal comment because blogger seems to hate me today. But anyway...

      These are for me? Yes?

  2. Oh, these are so prettyyyy. I want some! xx

  3. Pretty! Love the duck also ;)

  4. so pretty I have shoe envy! x

  5. Quack, quack!

    Love these shoes. I've seen a lot of Iron Fist shoes around recently & can't help feeling that they're almost Irregular Choice-esque, just a bit more toned down. Do like them for that!

  6. I love these shoes, beautiful outside and inside! x

  7. ooh I love them - bet you're hoping for spring to hurry up so you can wear them more!

  8. Hi ducky!

    These shoes are delightfully pretty!

  9. Ah a duck! What else could make this blogpost anymore lovely. :)
    Those shoes are lush, I do like Iron Fist shoes.

  10. Pretty shoes!!
    I love your duck. What are we naming him?

  11. Oh hello amazing shoes

    (and duck)


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