Friday 3 February 2012

Mysterious and spooky, altogether ooky.

There are few things I want in life. The perfect red coat. The perfect red dress. The perfect pair of red leather ballet pumps. A big old wad of cash. Oh, and a dress that makes me look like Wednesday Addams.

I'm sure I'll get the rest, eventually (who knew I was so obsessed with red, huh?) but at least for now, I can tick the last one off the list. See, every black Peter Pan collared dress I've seen has been shift style. Which I just misspelled, aptly, because that's how I feel about shift style. I've seen some CRAZY pretty shift dresses, but I have to face it. They make me look pregnant. And I'm NOT pregnant. When I eventually AM pregnant, I will be rocking the shift dress, YOU MARK MY WORDS. But for now... NO. I have a waist, damnit, and I demand that it is seen!

Anyway, to summarise, then Boohoo brought out this dress and I bought it and now I have one although it is still slightly too high waisted for my liking and hey look at my pretty new boots (THEY WERE ELEVEN POUNDS).

Is it me, or do I look like an eight year old here? NEARLY THIRTY PEOPLE.
There are clouds on my nails but you can't really see them. If you followed me on Instagram, you would be feeling smug and knowledgeable by now. 

Dress - Boohoo
Boots & Necklace - New Look
Bag & Ring - Topshop
Belt - H&M

I wore this ensemble to the ZOMG Blogger Bash on Monday, organised by Zoe and ReeRee to launch their new lipstick collab. It was a fab night of catching up with lovely ladies and meeting some new ones, even though I did, predictably, spend most of the night gossiping in a corner with Amy and didn't take enough photos, really. BUT LOOK AT OUR COOL HATS.

Also, there was burlesque, which was AMAZING. I didn't get to try the lipstick out though, because I got there late, which was a shame as I keep hearing how good ReeRee's lipsticks are for pale girls. NEXT TIME.

Oh, btw, sorry FriFro is late this week. I mean, it's still FRIDAY, but, y'know, late. I have been working a LOT lately. But today my boss bought me sweets, Burger King AND a glass of wine before we went home, so I don't mind TOO much.

What are you doing this weekend? Mine will involve yet more wine... and probably powerpoint presentations. MAYBE TOGETHER. Probably not. BUT MAYBE.

I'm an idiot.


  1. Loving that dress, deary! & your hair is all nice too.

  2. Love the dress, it's looks lovely with that belt! xx

  3. The dress looks lovely and I love the colour of your boots! :)

    Caroline x

  4. That's such a lovely dress, it really suits you! I saw you on Monday but I didn't get a chance to say hi! :( xx

  5. I have that dress its amazing! You suit it so well!xxx

  6. oooh love those boots, really unusual colour. Much better then boring black xx

  7. Adore this :) The dress is lovely, but oh the boots- how gorgeousssss!
    So lovely seeing you Monday, the photos of you & Amy are greatxx

  8. Awww hello pretty lady! You look amazing, love your hair, those boots and that fab peter pan collared dress.

  9. I love the color of the boots, love deep red tones. The dress is so cute too btw.


  10. Ooh that dress is LOVELY, I love the teal coloured one that's on the website too :)

  11. Those boots were £11?! What a bargain! They're such a pretty colour!

  12. I feel exactly the same about shift dresses. I have a waist too! Love those cloud nails :) xx

  13. I can't believe how much of a bargain those boots were! And I'm sure you already know it but your hair is AMAZING. I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to let you know I love it! I've literally lost the past 30 minutes looking through your posts... You have a new follower :D

    Cat xxx

  14. Totally missed your shoes on the night but I love them!

  15. I am so loving those boots! The dress suits you perfectly, what a great outfit :) Hope you had a great time at the blogger bash!
    R xx


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