Wednesday 21 August 2013

Beautiful neighbourhood.

Lately I've been feeling a little blue about my living space. Our tiny house is adorable, don't get me wrong, but it's just that one word... TINY. My housemates and I all struggle with it, which does at least mean that we have pooled our resources and added loads of cool stuff to the downstairs (even if it is just because it won't fit upstairs!).

Candle Holder - Laura Ashley
Lamp c/o Out There Interiors
Painting by my Dad

My room is the part that frustrates me - kind of obvs, I guess, as I spend most of my time here. When we moved in, I got donated a couple of chest of drawers and a wardrobe that weren't completely my taste, but it's hard to turn down free stuff, isn't it? Even if you're not mad on it.

So I have mixed feelings about the fact that one of my chest of drawers is falling apart. Part of me is annoyed - everything JUST fits in here! But the other part is kind of pleased, because it's finally an excuse to replace the drawers I really don't like.

Partly I just want to go to ikea and invest in something lovely and classy like this, but I'm trying to save less at the moment so this weekend I'm going secondhand hunting, starting with the Emmaus Trust, a charity which sells second hand furniture. Great idea, non? I also means is might get something slightly better quality than, er, this.

I've been reading lots of Buzzfeed lately - like a LOT - seriously, I could lay my hands on about eighty hilarious cat GIFs right now. But there's some super useful stuff on there too, including this great article on space saving which has made me want to go storage crazy. And this one! I'm going to add hooks to every surface! PRACTICAL.


  1. Wow, your Dad's painting is fab!

  2. I feel a bit like this. Our flat is tiny and our chest of drawers is broken in every way. Luckily we are moving next weekend into a bigger place with friends and I can't wait to have a bit more space to play around with! Wish I could just go mad in Ikea but my budget slightly restricts so I am looking at freecycle and things like that. I love those Buzzfeed articles! What a website. This was a long comment...

    Beth // SANS SOUCI


  3. We have a second hand warehouse in my town and it's fab! You can find some amazing gems ad so cheap too. If I had the room i'd snap up the pianos they usually have for £50!! The narnia-style wardrobes are amazing if I didn't have built in ones. Can't wait to move out!

  4. That painting by your dad is beautiful. Talented chap!
    I am currently in the process of buying stuff and trying to make my place look like my own. Budget is tight so it's a little skip diving rescue at times too.

  5. I can relate. After going through two Ikea dressers that didn't survive more than 2 moves each, I finally decided than I should probably invest in some quality grown up pieces that I loved rather than whatever happened to be cheapest at the time. Now I love my bedroom furniture and they are so sturdy and lovely!


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