Friday 30 August 2013

I look like the cat that just ate the canary.

If I was an animal, I'd probably be a cat. I like naps, food, having my hair stroked and sometimes I bite and scratch. So when I saw Lily rocking this dress on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, it was out of H&M and into my wardrobe before you could say a sentence long enough to take up the 20 minutes it took to walk to the shops.


Not only is it adorbs and cat printed - HOORAY - but it's a super flattering cut and that awesome material that doesn't need ironing. NO ONE LIKES YOU, IRONING. I wore this to a family lunch on Bank Holiday weekend and even my 8 month old nephew was admiring it (well, he kept poking the cats on my tum, which I think is a compliment). We went here, and I had steak, and it was goooood.

Tights - Primark
Bronx Chunky Boots c/o Spartoo

I managed to be super sociable last weekend without spending very much money or drinking anything at all, both of which are not at all like me. I stayed out until 4am without drinking alcohol! I'm not sure this has ever been done before! Also, I bought a new chest of drawers. The monstrosity from this post? OUT OF MY LIFE FOR GOOD.

This blog post is very capslocky. BUT MY DRESS HAS CATS ON IT OKAY.


  1. This outfit is super awesome, I definitely would not be able to pull that off though!
    Farrah's Muse

  2. I love that dress! The print is super cute without being childish or just too busy, and it looks gorgeous on you.

  3. I want that dress, get me to H&M ASAP!

    Lau xx

  4. That dress is adorable and I love the boots! Great outfit! :)

  5. I bought this dress yesterday, after seeing it on a couple of blogs & falling in love with it - tried it on this morning, looks RUBBISH on me. And I don't even know why! This is so my style of dress normally! Gutted. Goodbye lovely cat dress. Back to H&M you go :( Felt the need to share my pain..

  6. I might have to do exactly what you did and run out and get this, it's adorbs.

    Girl Reviews Things xx

  7. Cat printed clothes always get the thumbs up!

  8. Love this dress. I was only in H&M yesterday but didn't see it.
    Don't you think they would go amazingly well with my new shoes ?

  9. My Mam posted this on my FB the other week, but I couldn't find it on the H&M website. The H&M in Carlisle is pants, so I've little chance of getting it in there!! Sigh!


  10. You really cannot go wrong with cat printed clothing, this is gorgeous!

    Maria xxx


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