Friday 2 August 2013

Every me and every you.

Personally, I think I’ve kept pretty quiet about my birthday this year. Usually I am all over the internets blabbing about it. Last year, I dedicated about 20 posts to it! Granted, I was throwing a massive party, but still. This year, not a BIG birthday... I’ve kind of kept it low key. I even posted on my birthday something that was not remotely related to my birthday. WHAT THE HECK.

Anyway, despite the quietness, I actually had an awesome one. Last week was a nonstop ride of drinks, dinners, drinks, lunches, and drinks. Getting older isn't so bad, really. My birthday was actually Monday, but I utilised the whole weekend before because OBVIOUSLY. On the Saturday, I met up with a few close friends in London and we went to Vinopolis for the day, and then a few more joined us for pub fun in the evening. Low key, but awesome. I was going to talk about Vinopolis here, but then it started getting really long, so I figured I’d write a whole post about that this weekend instead. Have you been? It’s so good!

I have this thing on my birthday that I should wear something special - preferably new. The last couple of years I feel like I’ve had a Birthday Dress (last year I actually had two – this one and this one!) but this year I just couldn’t find anything I loved. I ordered a couple of options from ASOS and then didn’t like the fit, so back to square one, which looked remarkably like me standing in front of my wardrobe in a panic on Saturday morning, trying everything on in site and getting depressed that even though I’ve lost weight, some dresses STILL don’t fit.

Eventually, I decided on this dress. It looked nice, it fit, it seemed suitably special. So I went to iron it, and whilst I was downstairs grabbed this one off the airer too. You know, while the iron was hot, and all. I figure you can guess the end – I went back to my room, tried on the second dress and remembered how much I loved it. And I do!

This is one of those dresses that has a bit of a magic cut. Normally these high necked dresses really squash my boobs, but this one somehow doesn’t, and still manages to be super fitted on the waist with a booty-hiding sticky out skirt. It’s the best! It’s so flattering, it’s a good length, and it’s the perfect day-to-night option. It would have looked awesome with heels, but as I knew I’d be walking all day, I just went for my trusty sparkly ballet shoes instead. Cue me striking silly poses around my living room…

Dress – ASOS
Shoes – Oasis (similar here at French Sole)
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
Belt – New Look

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  1. You can't have birthday shoes if they're not sparkly! Love them!


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