Wednesday 16 July 2014

Glastonbury: The Best Food Stalls (part 2!)

Ooops, somehow I seem to have taken a month off blogging. Sorry about that - it's just been a little busy around here recently. I haven't been up to much, really, apart from Glastonbury! Which, coincidentally, is what I'm posting about today. I didn't take loads of pictures this year, but I really loved putting together last year's post about the best food options so I have created a sequel.

Every year, the food at Glasto gets better. When I told people about it this year, I felt like I talked more about the food than the music! The music was amazing, FYI, especially Arcade Fire and Dolly Parton... but yeah, let's go back to the food. I sampled a lot of the items featured in last year's post again, like burritos from Luardos and fajitas from the Tor Rugby Club Fajita Stand and an Oli's Halloumi Cone, but I squeezed in a few new firm favourites.

The Cheese Truck
You guys know that I love cheese, right? I freaking LOVE cheese. When I heard the Cheese Truck was going to be at Glastonbury, I raced to get something and I wasn't disappointed. They specialise in grilled cheese, but are way more creative with it than usual - I had the goats cheese, honey and walnut and daaaamn. I also sampled the stilton and pear which a friend had, which was also excellent. The fondue fries weren't all I hoped for, but I think they were a tad undercooked - I'd give them another chance. The Cheese Truck is based in London, so seek it out, and get yourself some of that grilled goats cheese goodness.

Le Rac Shack
I've never had raclette before, and wasn't actually sure what it was, except that it involved cheese. So obviously, I was in. There's a dedicated raclette stall at Glastonbury now called le Rac Shack, and now I am very well informed about raclette. It's basically crushed potatoes with cheese on top. Yum, right? YUM. I had mine with sausages too, which were in a spicy tomato sauce. The raclette is melted as a big wheel of cheese, kind of like Camembert, and then a dollop is scraped off onto your potatoes. It was amazing.

Hot Box
This stall was new this year, and I can't find it on Google so I don't think it's an existing chain. It was so popular though! There was always a big queue and it didn't take me long to join the end of it. I had the Pulled Piggy - pulled pork, bacon jam, garlic mayo and cheese? Ohhh yeah. I really hope Hot Box is back next year - I'm already craving it!

Frozen Bananas
There's always money in the banana stand! I actually hate bananas, so I can't vouch for it, but I was just too excited to see this Arrested Development reference, I had to share.

I left my camera behind on one of the days so didn't get photos of everything, but I also had an excellent Square Pie (I go every year!), some amazing barbeque jerk chicken and I couldn't resist going back to my beloved Luardos. BEST NACHOS IN THE WORLD.



  1. I must admit the food at Glasto was amazing! Crayfish Bob was pretty good, and we had some great burgers for Grillstock.

  2. I had Hot Box too! I went for the one with jerk and it was oh so good. Also had the best pizza of my life in Williams Green near the tent. It was run by someone who was on TGBBO but I can't remember name now ugh! But so much cheese. Ah-mazing!

  3. I love those toasted cheese sandwhiches. I go to Maltby St market every weekend and that's my usual order.

  4. The cheese truck sounds like my kind of place hehe!

    Jennie xo |


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