Friday 18 July 2014

Bowling and burgers at All Star Lanes

There are some things that I know to be true, and one of them is that when I was a baby, an evil witch put a curse on me to ensure that for the rest of my life, I will lose every game of bowling that I partake in. I guess all the exciting curses had run out by the time I was born, but it beats pricking your finger on a spinning wheel and falling into a coma, right?

The nice people at Westfield Stratford invited me and a few friends along to All Star Lanes to show off our bowling expertise (HA HA HA) and eat some burgers. Now, while I'm terrible at bowling, I am EXCELLENT at eating burgers. And at drinking cocktails. Which is great, because there were also cocktails there! I gathered up Matt, Anne and Amy and off we went.

The food at All Star is pretty amazing. We shared bacon popcorn, mac'n'cheese croquettes, salt beef croquettes and all had a burger. I went for buttermilk fried chicken with sweet potato fries, and it was epic. The cocktails were also amaaazeballs. I loved the Sidecar, but my favourite was the Honey Whisky Ginger, which was an ice cream cocktail with JD Honey, vanilla and ginger syrup. OMG. Our £75 giftcard covered our burgers and bowling as they do a deal which is £15 for a burger and bowling - not a bad deal - but the cocktails kinda pushed us over the limit. Worth it, though.

I'm not really sure whose idea it was to give ourselves pretentious names on the bowling scorecard (I'm going with Amy's) but I thoroughly enjoyed my evening as The Duchess, even if I did come an ungainly last to The Brigadeer, Marchesa and The Countess. It was hard to feel like a loser with such excellent company - not to mention that food. *swoons*



  1. Ah I love bowling although when i'm losing my only child streak comes out haha!

  2. Ah I've wanted to go here for so long and that Burger has just pushed me over the edge! Need to get myself down there sharpish. Thanks for sharing xx

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about bacon popcorn. The bowling looks super fun, though. I've not been for years and keep turning down mystery shopping requests to visit my local one. Maybe I should though.

  4. looks like a really good night out, I haven't been bowling in years!

    Jade x
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