Thursday 24 July 2014

Salted Caramel, Amaretto, Peanut Butter, Cherry, Bacon and Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae (OF DREAMS)

So, you know how I've been posting incredible sweet recipes this week? Today's post brings them together in an insanely good way. Sunday's post and Tuesday's post were just leading up to this - THE ULTIMATE SUNDAE. I almost feel guilty about doing this post, because it was so much fun to put together. It's not every day you get free ice cream and encouraged to make it even more epic - but that's exactly what this is about.

Mövenpick ice cream are running a summer challenge with several food bloggers to create the most amazing ice cream sundae, and the winner will receive a masterclass with The Langham's pastry chef and afternoon tea at The Palm Court. As you can get Mövenpick at Ocado, they sent me an Ocado voucher to buy ice cream and other exciting ingredients, and I started thinking about what to do. Anyone who knows me (or follows my Pinterest) knows that when it comes to sweet things, I love few things more than caramel, peanut butter and a touch of salt. So, as tempting as it was to go incredibly outlandish with my sundae, I came down on the side of tasty because I knew that all these things in a sundae would basically make my life. As I started putting the ingredients together, I realised that I didn't mind if I won or not - eating this incredible sundae was a pretty amazing prize in itself. Plus, there's still leftover ice cream in the freezer! WINNING.

Salted Caramel, Amaretto, Peanut Butter, Cherry, 
Bacon and Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae (OF DREAMS)
- Salted Caramel Amaretto Sauce (recipe here!)
- Peanut Butter Whipped Cream (recipe here!)
- Mövenpick Caramelita ice cream
- Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate ice cream
- Mövenpick Vanilla Dream ice cream
- Amaretti biscuits
- Maraschino or Cocktail Cherries
- Salted peanuts
- Salted popcorn
- Grilled crispy bacon

1. Crush up an amaretti biscuit at the bottom of your sundae glass, and add a couple of sliced maraschino cherries.
2. Add a drizzle of caramel sauce, then on top place a scoop of Mövenpick Caramelita ice cream.
3. On top, add a sprinkling of chopped peanuts, salted popcorn and sliced cherries.
4. More ice cream - pop a scoop of Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate ice cream on there.
5. Just go ahead and add another blob of that caramel sauce, won't you? Throw on a couple more crushed amaretti biscuits
6. Next up is a scoop of Mövenpick Vanilla Dream, then top it with some peanut butter whipped cream.
7. Almost there - add a drizzle of caramel sauce, then top with plenty of chopped peanuts and salted popcorn.

8. Add a bit more caramel sauce.
9. Add some more peanuts.
10. Maybe a couple of cherries.
11. And another amaretti biscuit or two.
12. And maybe a little more caramel sauce.
13. Don't forget a touch more popcorn.
14. Top it off with a slice of crispy bacon and a sparkler and dig in.
15. Finished? Congratulations, you've had a year's supply of sugar in one glass. Feels good, right?

We nearly forgot the bacon, but I have to tell you that it really worked. If I made it again, I'd be tempted to add more, chop it and sprinkle it over the top - that sweet smokiness just brought out all the other epic flavours.

I've not made sundaes before - even though I've eaten plenty - and actually ended up doing a practise run first. The biggest thing I changed was to mix up the layers a little more - rather than putting all the toppings, well, on top, I layered them throughout which separated out the flavours and prevented it turning into a mixed up ice cream soup. It was a fair bit of effort for a sundae, but god, it was worth it. So worth it. Mövenpick ice cream is really good, by the way - super creamy and fresh, and even though the glory of my sundae is over, I'm happily eating my way through the leftover ice cream. Luckily it's at Matt's house, or I'd be at it every night of the week.

Oh, and here's the sundae that Matt made for his housemate:

Yeah. It's clear who's the blogger here, right? Right. After we ate our sundaes, the three of us were like hyperactive children for the next half an hour or so. Eat sugar responsibly, kids.



  1. oh my life - bacon in an ice cream sundae? with popcorn? and everything else? it sounds absolutely superb and I can just feel my waistline expanding with joy just with reading it!

  2. I saw bacon and thought whuuuut. But actually I can kind of see how it would work. Salted caramel, salt in hot chocolate. Salty bacon is the next step up! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion


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